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Original Thread: Let's Try Not to be Racist in Resident Evil 5



Please no spoilers I haven't really played this game so I'd like to know what I'm getting in when I'm in there So if you have to say something we haven't seen yet PUT IT BEHIND THE SPOILER TAGS

Resident Evil 5
That's right after the WILDLY SUCCESSFUL AND CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED Resident Evil 4 Let's Play. (And why wouldn't it be? After all it's 100% AMERICAN) It's time to do the next logical step in the Resident Evil series and that's to do so much blow from the wealth you got off of your hit success and ruin what made the original good by adding Co-Op into your Survival horror franchise~ Because nothing screams scary like being with someone else during it. Isolation is all about having other people to join in on your spoopy experiences after all.

The Format
BUT! I won't be going this alone~ I have a co-commentator with me. A very special one that's near and dear to my skype. It's CJacobs! That's right that little rapscallion is joining me on this GLORIOUS? run into the follow up in the greatest game in the Resident Evil series. "But," you ask yourself, "isn't Cjacobs doing another LP as well?" You'd be correct my find thread reader person. Currently CJacobs has a Resident Evil 4 and Evil Within Thread going on RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND and you should probably check it out. And don't forget to like comment and subcribe to his stuff too just because that shows how much you love him.

The Controversy
So by now you might have seen the thread title and lemme tell you, that's due to the controversy that was sparked in the origin of Resident Evil 5. If you ask yourself "Self what is this controversy that this ruggedly handsome gentleman is talking about" then sir/ma'am you've clearly lived under a rock for what would be FAR TOO LONG! And really I'm not going to go too far into it. Once you see the game's setting you might be able to INFER some of what people are talking about. But really it's not that bad until we get further into the game. Then it sucker punches you like your older brother, when you go up and expect a hug.

What you can expect
You might get Cut and Uncut versions of videos due to some technical issues we have due to how GREAT Resident Evil 5 is programmed for... Either that or we've died and fucked around a little too much. NO MATTER WHAT THERE WILL BE COMMENTARY OVER THE CUTSCENES


Part One: Welcome to Africa Part One: Cut

Part Two: Leach Monster Mc Black Blood Part Two: Cut

Part Three: Let us evaluate the equation TV=P where T is time for any given task and V is velocity in which things travel... And P is poop Part three: Cut

Part Four: Businessman with Standards

Part Five: Quite the humdinger

Part Six: What happens on the boat

Part Seven: See you later crocagator!

Part Eight: CJacobs is getting Cranky

Winning the Resident Evil 5 Way

Part Nine: I hope you don't MINE!

Part Ten: Release the Kraken!

Part Eleventeen: Part one of this tragedy, Part Eleventeen: Final Chapter of this wreck, Part Eleven: Edited

Everything goes horribly wrong

Part Twelve: Fun with Lasers

Part Thirteen: The Lasers and CJacobs

Part Fourteen: Go Green

Part Fifteen: The Zombies have guns

Part Sixteen: Leeching all the time in this video

Dank Meme 1, Dank Meme 2

Part Seventeen: Starts with Penis

Part Eighteen: What a Resident Evil Revelations!

Part Ninteen: This is it

Part Twenty: My shame for all to see

Part Twenty One: EXCELLLLLAAA!!!

Part Twenty Two: Punch punch punch for justice
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