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Original Thread: Three Women And A Barry - Let's Play Resident Evil: Revelations 2!



Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a third person survival horror action thriller game that marks the tenth installment of the Resident Evil franchise, developed and published by Capcom. Holy crap! It was released on PS3, PS4, PS Vita, 360, Xbone, and Windows all simultaneously, episodically, starting from February 24, 2015. Deciding on a thread tag icon suitable for this game was a huge pain in the ass.

Being an episodic title, it was released week by week until the end of the campaign came out, and now Capcom is steadily pushing out DLC campaign episodes that expand the story and game world. I will be playing all of the current DLC episodes as well as the main campaign; if any release during the course of the LP, I'll play those too!

Set between RE5 and notable Completely Goddamn Awful game RE6, the story follows Claire Redfield and her friend Moira Burton as they try to escape from a dilapidated island full of ~zombie-like creatures~ (the manual's words, not mine) after they are kidnapped by masked assailants. There is another half of each episode featuring fan favorite character, Barry goddamn Burton, as he desperately searches the island for his missing daughter with the help of a little girl with a very strange special ability.

Because it's awesome, that's why! The story is the perfect blend of a genuine, real emotional tale mixed with the traditional Resident Evil craziness as well as some of the most overt symbolism put in any video game ever. God damn this game loves Franz Kafka so much. It's a blast to play and the dialogue is both entertaining and endearing, and the way it expands upon the gameplay that's been building throughout the series brings it to great new heights.

One thing I particularly like is that the majority of the cast is female. Resident Evil has always been a series about showing that women can be just as capable as men if not moreso in the case of crazy ninja people like Ada Wong, and this game makes no bones about treating everybody equally. Good job Capcom, you're not entirely terrible this time.

Also, it's got an ass-ton of replayability, but we'll get to that when we get to it.

Additionally, I will be doing a fun side playthrough of Raid Mode! Raid Mode is Revelations 2's replacement for the Mercenaries gamemode featured in almost every previous Resident Evil game. It uses a special RPG-like mission based system to add replay value and incentive to play it a lot. These videos will be VERY lax commentary-wise and are mostly here to give you something to watch in the background while you do other things or whathaveyou, since the standard game requires you to pay attention. These videos are for people who wanna relax and laugh along with me as I blow up a bajillion zombies and run through maps from Resident Evil games young and old with a whole slew of bombastic fuckoff weapons.

For this game, no. For any of the Resident Evil games leading up to this one, feel free to talk about whatever. Your favorite game in the series, your least favorite game (It's RE6), the best or worst game (RE6), and so on. Feel free to talk especially about how garbage RE6 is. But don't spoil this game, it's got lots of fun surprises.

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