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by Highwang

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Original Thread: Let's Play "Resident Seavil" for real this time! RE: Revelations [VLP]



What is this game?

Back in 2012, The 3DS was picking up some momentum and getting games. One game in particular was Resident Evil: Revelations. The game takes place canonically between RE 4 & 5 and covers the escapades of Jill Valentine & Chris Redfield as they uncover the mysteries of the "Terragrigia Panic" and the terrorist group Veltro. The game featured some interesting new mechanics and was built more like its horror-based predecessors, where atmosphere and exploration are the main focus of the game. The game was so popular that Capcom decided it would be a good idea to release this to the modern consoles, and in 2013 they re-released the game in HD for the PS3, 360, Wii-U and PC with a more robust Raid Mode and a harder "infernal" difficulty.

Why are you playing this game?

Aside from the hilarious typo on the 3ds box art, I felt that Revelations did a lot of things right for a Resident Evil game. The atmosphere is oppressive, the environment is open and sprawling, encounters feel far more tense, the new characters are enjoyable, the plot's engrossing and it has gameplay similar to RE4 but with more polish from Capcoms experience with RE5. Fans of the older games will certainly enjoy this game since it stays true to the old game's structures. That and Raid Mode is stupid fun, its like an arcade booth for Resident Evil.

What're your plans for this LP?

Completion. More specifically, I plan to complete the plot and *hopefully* find all the handprints and easter eggs. All posts in SA will have character-specific information and text dumps from in-game. Alongside the LP, I plan to do Raid Mode runs for each level we cover in the story.

Episodes will hopefully be released weekly, with a vid per segment of the chapter and raid mode vids to compliment.

Who's involved?

-Myself (Highwang), a nondescript guy who does videogame vids as a hobby. Player and Main Commentator.
-My friend Jake (videogametalkinghead), expert Australian and huge nerd. Second Commentator.
-Kyle Johnson, another friend & audio wizard. He doesn’t actually appear in the LP, but he makes us sound good so he deserves credit.

Thread Rules

-No Spoilers. I know this game in particular is an isolated story outside of the main series, but its really enjoyable and has many plot points that are ruined by spoilers.
-Keep Capcom/Resident Evil "discussion" (re: bashing) to a civilized state. I'm sure its all been discussed before ad-nauseum.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Into the Depths
-1-1: The Prologue, (Uncut Commentary), (Raid Mode, Stage 1 Solo)
-1-2: Sexy Beach Parties, (Uncut Commentary)
-1-3: The Blonde Dies, (Uncut Commentary), (Raid Mode Stage 2, 3)

Chapter 2: Double Mystery
-2-1: Thermal Underwear, (Uncut Commentary)
-2-2: Why didn't you DODGE?!, (Uncut Commentary), (Raid Mode Stage 4, 5)

Chapter 3: Ghosts of Veltro
-3-1: The Terragrigia Panic, (Uncut Commentary)
-3-2: M'aiede, (Uncut Commentary) (Raid Mode Stage 6, 7)

Chapter 4: A Nightmare Revisited
-4-1: Untimely Death, (Uncut Commentary), (Raid Mode Stage 8)

Chapter 5: Secrets Uncovered
-5-1: Jackass & Grinder, (Uncut Commentary)
-5-2: Needlessly Stupid Machine, (Uncut Commentary)
-5-3: The Midnight Sun, (Uncut Commentary), (Raid Mode Stage 9, 10)

Chapter 6: Cat & Mouse
-6-1: The Name Game, (Uncut Commentary)
-6-2: Parker's Bad Night, (Uncut Commentary), (Raid Mode Stage 11, 12)

Chapter 7: The Regia Solis
-7-1: Five Minute Metroidvania, (Uncut Commentary)
-7-2: Rocket Jump, (Uncut Commentary),
-Raid Mode DLC "Unboxing vid", Special thanks to this guy for contributing.

Chapter 8: All On The Line
-8-1: Waterlogged, (Uncut Commentary)
-8-2: Chris' Shooting Gallery, (Uncut Commentary),
-8-3: Reunion, (Uncut Commentary), (Raid Mode stage 15), Raid Mode Outtakes: Oh god help!

Chapter 9: No Exit
-9-1: The Falcon & The Snowman, (Uncut Commentary)
-9-2: Super Hacker, (Uncut Commentary)

Chapter 10: Tangled Webs
-10-1: Deception, (Uncut Commentary)
-10-2: Wallrunning, (Uncut Commentary)
-Raid Mode, Difficulty Comparisons

Chapter 11: Revelations
-11-1: Malacoda, (Uncut Commentary)
-11-2: The Callback, (Uncut Commentary)

Chapter 12: The Queen is Dead
-12-1: Queen Dido, (Uncut Commentary)
-12-2: The Storm is Gone, (Uncut Commentary)

-Post-Mortem: Things I missed & Hard Mode

-RE:velations Debrief & Teaser

-The Ghost Ship (Warning, long video)
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