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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

by Level 1 Thief

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Original Thread: Resident Evil Chronicles - "Zombies."



Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles was released in late 2007 for the still relatively new Nintendo Wii. It serves as a heavily abridged recap of the events of Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil (GameCube), and also RE3. Given that the Wii remote is a fairly reliable extension of light-gun tech, and possibly due to technical concerns, UC is an on-rails shooter with limited interaction outside of shooting things. As it turns out, Resident Evil lends itself pretty well to that sort of thing, and UC boasts a healthy weapon assortment and a surprisingly lengthy campaign with a lot of fanfic-esque side missions.

Wii fever and a general dearth of good third-party games led to UC being quite successful, and Capcom quickly got to work on a sequel, 2009's much more ambitious Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. DC features a retelling of Resident Evil 2 and Code: Veronica, both of which are longer and more accurate to the original games than UC's equivalents (though the game overall is about the same length). It's a fantastic game and clearly a labor of love, but it came out after the Wii's bubble popped and Capcom has officially declared it a commercial failure.

Both games have since been released on PlayStation 3 with Move support. There doesn't seem to be any sign of a release of the HD version on Wii U.

For the LP, I'll be playing on normal difficulty in single-player mode. END ME SCOOB joins me on commentary.

Full Playlist

01. Train Derailment 1
02. Train Derailment 2
03. Train Derailment 3
04. Beginnings 1
05. Beginnings 2
06. Mansion Incident 1
07. Mansion Incident 2
08. Mansion Incident 3
09. Nightmare 1
10. Nightmare 2
11. Rebirth 1
12. Rebirth 2
13. Raccoon's Destruction 1
14. Raccoon's Destruction 2
15. Raccoon's Destruction 3
16. Death's Door
17. Umbrella's End 1
18. Umbrella's End 2
19. Umbrella's End 3
20. Dark Legacy 1
21. Dark Legacy 2
22. Fourth Survivor
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