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Original Thread: Resistance 2: Losing the rest of our humanity


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Another Resistance thread?
Yes, but Resistance 2 is much better than the first game. The first game was pretty good, but Resistance 2 is awesome. After the LP of the first game was placed in the archives, I went to work on the next game in the series, which saw some massive improvements over the last one.

What sort of improvements?
Well, for starters, we've moved past grayscale and now have at least 8 bits of color. Zoom transitions are less jarring. Some of the guns are less complicated to use (such as the rocket launcher, with its primary fire to use secondary fire to use primary fire). You can only carry two guns at a time, so there's a little more variety in what you use. There are no more health pickups, Nathan just gets really angry when he's damaged and has to sit behind a tree to cool down. There is also a lot more dialogue and interesting stuff happening. This game is the bee's knees.

And there are bosses now! Hooray!

Nathan's back?
That's right! Nathan's the main character and is still infected, and at the end of the first game he apparently lost his ability to carry ammo for 20 different guns. The story also features Henry Stillman, my favorite character, a radio host in besieged Philadelphia. I play this game just to hear more of Henry, and you should watch this LP just to hear more of Henry. He'll first appear in chapter 2, but he'll show up in other chapters, too.

Are you going to ruin do an LP of Resistance: Redemption?
Maybe, but not unless I manage to find a PSP laying around. And a way to record it.

How about that bonus content?
Just like the first game, there are intel documents scattered all over every level. I'll include any new intel at the end of every video. I'll post weapon screenshots in the thread.

Show off multiplayer.
No. It turns out that I'm being sent to another continent shortly after the end of the thread, so there won't be enough time to do the awesome multiplayer segments any justice. I would wholeheartedly support (and read) an LP where someone else tackles the multiplayer.

Is there a cool web site with extra content like the first game?
There were four "viral" websites released in the weeks leading up to the game's release. Go to if you want to watch Katee Sackhoff being a doofus. None of these web sites are cool or good in any way. Honestly, I couldn't find anything really worth mentioning on any of them, and the site is a pain in the ass to use. If you're really interested and want to go digging, you can go visit the Resistance wiki for more details.

Episode 01 - SRPA Station Igloo, Iceland Viddler Youtube
Intel Document 1 - Chimera shipyard discovered in Germany by recon team - Image 1, Image 2
Intel Document 2 - Letter to SRPA Director Richard Blake regarding the retrieval of all active survivors of Project Abraham, specifically Nathan Hale - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Episode 02 - San Fransisco, California Viddler Youtube
Intel Document 3 - Personnel dossier for Joseph Capelli, Sentinel - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5
Intel Document 4 - Personnel dossier for Nathan Hale, Sentinel - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Intel Document 5 - Personnel dossier for Aaron Hawthorne, Sentinel - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Intel Document 6 - Sentinel clinical inhibitor treatment reminder - Image 1, Image 2
Intel Document 7 - Letter from Colonel Parker of British Intelligence to SRPA Director Richard Blake - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Intel Document 8 - Personnel dossier for Benjamin Warner, Sentinel - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5

Episode 03 - Orick, California Viddler Youtube
Intel Document 9 - Newspaper headline: Columbus Welcomes Liberty Defense Tower - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3
Intel Document 10 - Telegram to the town of Orick - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Episode 04 - Twin Falls, Idaho Viddler Youtube
Intel Document 11 - Newspaper headline: President Noah Grace Dead - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Intel Document 12 - Telegram to Twin Falls - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3
Intel Document 13 - Letter from Warner to his wife in Twin Falls - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Episode 05 - Bryce Canyon, Utah Viddler Youtube
Intel Document 14 - SRPA Medical Research Journal - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3
Intel Document 15 - SRPA Medical Research Journal - Image 1, Image 2
Intel Document 16 - Personnel dossier for Jordan Shepherd, Daedelus - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Episode 06 - Chicago, Illinois Viddler Youtube
Intel Document 17 - SRPA Incident Report - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

Episode 07 - Holar Tower, Iceland Viddler Youtube
Intel Document 18 - SRPA Intelligence Report - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Episode 08 - Cocodrie, Louisiana Viddler Youtube
Intel Document 19 - Malikov's Journal - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3
Intel Document 20 - SRPA Intelligence Memo - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

Episode 09 - Chicxulub Crater, Mexico Viddler Youtube
No intel

In the order in which they appear:

Magnum (Description)
The Magnum is your first weapon, and if they only gave more ammo for it then it'd be the only weapon you ever need. The bullets are powerful. A single round will kill a Hybrid, which is basically all you ever fight anyway. Secondary fire causes the rounds from your clip to explode. This gun is basically a rapid fire rocket launcher, but the rockets travel faster and don't explode until you tell them to.

LAARK (Description)
The LAARK is a rocket launcher. Primary fire is a rocket, secondary fire is a lot of microrockets. All of the complicated shit from the first game is gone, it's just a rocket launcher with two types of rockets now. I'd rather have the Magnum

Bullseye (Description)
The Bullseye also returns with double damage but half the clip size. It's also a little more accurate when you aim, making it useful at medium range. It sucks and is probably my last choice for a weapon. However, there is an upgraded version, like in the first game, that shoots the more powerful blue rounds. So the only saving grace for this gun is that you can pick up an improved version of it sometimes. Note, the description for this gun marks it as "Bullseye Mark II", but technically that's the upgraded version. There is no intel entry for the normal version apparently.

Carbine (Description)
The Carbine returns from the first game with half clip size but double damage. It also features a much less annoying firing noise. However, you can never gain additional rifle grenades for some reason unless you drop the carbine for a different gun and then pick up a different carbine. Running over a carbine will give you bullets, but no grenades. This is an annoying bug, but the carbine kind of sucks, so dropping the carbine becomes common.

Frag Grenade (Description)
Same as the first game, they're frag grenades.

Air Fuel Grenade (Description)
Air Fuel Grenades return and are pretty much the same, maybe they do more damage, I don't know. They stick to the surface you throw them on and emit a green cloud for a few seconds before exploding. The damage radius is very large, and it will instantly fry Hybrids.

Fareye (Description)
The Fareye returns and is almost exactly the same. Secondary fire causes time to slow down, letting you more precisely hit enemies. Head shots are no longer necessary for Hybrids; they'll die no matter where you hit them. It's the best weapon for killing Steelheads and Ravagers

Auger (Description)
The Auger also returns, and it has seen significant improvements. Primary fire's round velocity and fire rate are both significantly faster, but this makes it easier to blow through ammo. Also, the Auger will automatically highlight any enemies you have seen, making it easier to hit them while you hide behind cover. The highlighting is also a great feature for very dark areas, letting you target enemies that you otherwise would not see. The secondary fire is still a shield that blocks incoming fire, but it's much larger now.

Pulse Cannon (Description)
The Pulse Cannon is an outstanding high-damage weapon. Primary fire shoots a beam that creates a huge explosion upon impact. The blast is powerful enough to destroy an entire group of Ravagers. You only get a few shots, and the recharge time between shots is several seconds, so make them count. Secondary fire is a short-range concussion burst powerful enough to instantly gib most enemies.

Marksman (Description)
This is a Chimeran sniper rifle that is a derivative design of the Bullseye. Primary fire is a 3-round burst of ions. A single shot to the head will take out any Ravager, Steelhead, or Hybrid, and a 3-round burst is enough to kill a Hybrid no matter where you hit it. Secondary fire launches an autonomous drone that will electrocute nearby enemies until it runs out of juice or is destroyed. All in all, it's a pretty good weapon, although maybe it's not as good as the Fareye.

Hedgehog Grenade (Description)
This is the same as what appeared in the first game. The Chimera throw these around. Once they land, they'll jump to about chest height and launch spikes in all directions. This is perfect for hitting enemies behind light cover and is in general a very good antipersonnel grenade.

Rossmore (Description)
The Rossmore shotgun returns, although this is a newer model. It functions in almost the same way as the previous game. Primary fire is a single shell, and secondary fire is two shells consecutively. Against larger opponents, it is almost always preferrable to use secondary fire; you will be firing more rounds per second than if you had just used primary fire even when you account for reload times.

Spider Grenade (Description)
When this grenade lands, it releases a potent Chimera necrotoxin that is violently combustible. The result is a large web of flame along the ground surrounding the grenade. Spider Grenades are particularly rare, but they'll stick to any surface and pack quite a wallop. The effective radius is huge, so be sure to throw it far enough away.

Bullseye Mk II (Description) does more damage than the Bullseye and shoots blue particles instead of red particles. It doesn't have a separate intel entry. By chapter 04 the Hybrids that use it start showing up everywhere, and suddenly there's never a reason to use the normal Bullseye ever again.

Bellock (Description)
This is an incendiary grenade launcher. The primary grenade round is fast and accurate, you get 12 of them, and the blast damage is superb. They're great for destroying groups of Steelheads, Hybrids, Grims, etc, but unloading all 12 rounds into a Titan won't kill it. If you don't directly hit anything, then the grenade will light on fire and burn any Chimera that pass near it. The secondary round is really the heavy hitter for this weapon. It's a much larger grenade, it produces a much larger fire once it's on the ground, and after a few seconds it creates a massive explosion. Two secondary grenades placed at the feet of a Titan will destroy it. That put the secondary fire damage on par with the Pulse Cannon, although sometimes the secondary round is a dud and won't explode. And like the Pulse Cannon, you can only fire secondary rounds inbetween several seconds of waiting.

Wraith (Description)
The Wraith is a big Gatling Gun with a huge drum of ammo attached to it. Spray down your foes with bullets. The secondary fire is a shield like what the Auger produces, but you can move it around with you and it even blocks Auger file. You get "99" units of shield energy, they drain away at around 1 unit per second, and when the shield is hit that drains it faster.

Splicer (Description)
The Splicer rapidly fires saw blades with magical homing abilities that are not explained. Yes, the blades will ignore physics and seek out enemies, going so far as to bounce off of an enemy, loop through the air, and then hitting the enemy again and again. The damage is decent, especially when you have a two dozen blades out at a time bouncing around. The secondary fire spins the blade, making it an okay melee weapon, but launching a spinning blade causes massive damage, instantly killing most enemies. Even those huge drones only takes 2 spinning blade hits, and if you're persistent it can take out a Stalker. This is a very fun weapon to use, even if it's inaccurate at medium to long range, just because it's neat to launch spinning blades at things and watch them explode.
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