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Original Thread: All hail our undead saviour! Let's play Revenant



Revenant is a hack & slash, isometric RPG from 1999, published by Eidos Interactive and developed by Cinematix Studios, a developer who only made one other game, Total Mayhem, released in 1996. Compared to other games from back then, Revenant went pretty much unnoticed and it is admittedly a mixed bag of goodies. But it does have some good stuff.

Our protagonist is Locke D’Averam, a revenant who didn’t ask to be rescued from the local equivalent of hell, Anserak, and leaves no chance unused to express his discontent – about everything and everyone. Compelled by the spell used to summon him, he is send across various regions to, I’m not kidding, rescue the daughter of the local warlord, while slowly recovering the knowledge of his previous existence.

The combat system can best be described as an isometric kind of Morrowind combined with a brawler, deriving damage and such from your stats, but also relying on successfully landing hits and avoiding them manually. Melee combat consists of various weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat, and revolves around three main attacks that build into 9 combo’s, with almost every enemy having a special death animation if you can pull off its finishing move. The game features almost 50 different spells derived from various combinations of 12 talismans, and also includes several different types of arrow for some…admittedly very tacky bow-combat.

All dialogue is voiced and it’s great in its cheesiness, but the further you get, the less dialogue the game features. What the game could’ve done without is some of the drawn out dungeon crawling which gets progressively worse later in the game. Let’s see whether I still have the patience to traverse that.

How’s this going to happen then?
This is my first LP so it’ll be a technical and narrative learning curve for me and any feedback is appreciated. As far as the game goes, I’ve played it once before and although it was a long time ago, this is mostly not a blind playthrough. To familiarize myself with the game, I might once in a while play through a section, and then record the same section later on with commentary so I can get a bearing in certain dungeon sections and avoid boring you with my bumbling about in search for progress or an exit.

How did you get the game/music working?
I talk a bit about that in the first few minutes of part one. However, contrary to appearance, I didn't get the music to work. You can get the game to play one track whenever you load a fresh game, but after one track it stops. Not only that, but the volume sliders do nothing and the original settings have the music so loud some conversations get buried. Instead I used the music from the CD, adjusted their volume, and looped them under the proper footage.

Anything else?
Yes, in fact. The game is in no way as detailed with its story and world building as something like Baldur’s Gate, but there are a few books stashed away that I’ll offer outside of the gameplay videos.

Finally, to go with the theme of cheesy voice acting and to augment the small amounts of lore, I thought I’d give it a shot and present some new, ‘uncovered’ (that is, invented) bits of background story, relating the actions of our protagonist and their possible consequences, from other perspectives. Whether this is a good or bad idea is yet to be seen.



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