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Ride to Hell: Retribution

by judge reinhold

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The game is set in the last years of the roaring 1960s, a time of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The biker movement, rock music and the hippie counterculture all add to the fascinating atmosphere to be experienced in Ride to Hell. Action-loaded from the very start with free roaming environments, players can immerse themselves in the liberty and freedom of riding full throttle with their gang on a multitude of different vehicles through the dusty flats of Western America. Protecting their turf, their brothers and their machines from rival gangs is just a taste of what this epic game involves. Ride to Hell is not for the faint-hearted; it's aimed heavily at the player who wants to become fully involved in the original West Coast biker culture. With its hard drinking, bare-knuckle environment, this is as close to the action as you can get.
Ride to Hell: Retribution has a Metacritic score of 19. Eutechnyx does not list Ride to Hell: Retribution as one of the games they helped develop. No pre-release copies of Ride to Hell: Retribution were given to reviewers. Perhaps you can pin some of the missteps on the cancellations that occurred during the five year development period of Ride to Hell: Retribution. But maybe not.

Ride to Hell: Retribution is repugnant both morally and technically. Casual sexism to glitchy gameplay, incomprehensible cut-scenes to abysmal enemy AI, melodramatic story-lines to what can only be described as what an alien thinks sex is based solely on a third grader's description, Ride to Hell: Retribution is not a game to be played by anyone with self respect. That's why we're doing it!

I'm "The Big Dog" judge reinhold, and I'm joined once again by my two bestest buddies in the world: Diaper "Wild Hogs" Chris, and No Internet Name "Wild Hogs 2" Anthony. We're the Bad Boys of LP, and the people most fit to guide you through the seedy underbelly of the society known to us as the 1%. We've bought leather jackets, Ed Hardy shirts, sand-blasted denim jeans, and lady-silhouette mudflaps and will be doing donuts in the LP subforum on our metaphorical Harley of a thread. We are doing live commentary on the Xbox 360 version of this game, so join us in our journey across "Western America", won't you?

NOTE: I'm tagging the videos with "sex" scenes with a neon sign in case seeing two fully-clothed human beings hump each other would raise eyebrows at your work/school/sewing circle. The first video contains "sex". And so will the second.

Also, please don't post about things until they're shown in an episode. Thank you for your consideration.

Melaneus gives us a new "cut" (slang for jacket logo).

CrushedB adds a nice touch of the pink bike.

Seshoho Cian gives us a helpful reminder.

Dyslexiactic adds some much needed cuddling to a tense scene.

JobboFett shows us Jake's range.

More sharpness from Niggurath.

Seshoho Cian gives us another great "extended universe" character.

Zackenroller blames the RNG.

bhlaab has an eye for fine cinema.

The Kins kindles the fire... of good advice.

Robohobobro gives us insight into the Mind of Jake.

Camel Pimp made a gif of Colt's fancy gun-slinging.

NoUU says this game is very detailed and I agree.

Niggurath made this gif of our hero's proclivity for letting water go under the bridge.
pylb made this image filled with dignity and candor.

Dyslexiatic captures Jake rockin' out with... well, it's still safely in his pants.

Zackenroller is a little bit rock and roll. And patriotic.

pylb captures the heart, the drama of the hockey mask man fight.

Alpha3KV points out the durability of plastic.

Niggurath shows us how deadly even the handle of a knife can be.

Instant Grat violates the laws of Pay-Per-View by rebroadcasting without permission.

grenuttag is a coal blooded killer (I assume blood contains some amount of carbon so c'mon give 'em a break).

Geop captured the gang sign beautifully.

Camel Pimp shows us how avante garde RTH is.

CrushedB captures the suspicion of Jake.

Zackenroller immortalizes "the bounce".

Sartorius may have made this with imgur's "make a meme". Diaper prefers Bachelor Frog though.

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