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Part 1

Welcome to Robinson's Requiem by French company Silmarils

One of the most frustrating obscure survival sim ever made. Ever wanted to die of malaria, food poisoning or incontrollable hemorrhage? Or cut off both your legs and arms AT THE SAME TIME? Well wait no longer! Here is a short summary for those who like to read, the others can pass the summary and read the gist of it right after. Before starting the thread, I'll take people's opinion on how to write it. I'll offer the choices at the end of this post. Now lets get this show on the road

Summary according to the instruction manual:
The action unfolds in the middle of the twenty-second century, at a time when the Earth and some of its colonised planets are already over-populated. Robinson is the nickname given to members of AWE - Alien World Exploration - a military body whose task it is to explore totally unknown planets. Recruited from the best military academies, Robinson candidates have to take an Officer-Enlightener course. At the end of this training, the best of them go through a strict selection test which indicates their aptitude for surviving extreme conditions. Very few are selected to AWE's Holy of Holies; They are issued with a white booklet on admission. The headquarters of AWE is situated on the monastery station of Levattelow. Robinsons must have no contact with the outside world and their contract last for five years. During those five years they undertake the exploration of as yet unknown planets in order to ascertain whether living conditions are suitable for colonisation. At the end of their mandate, large public demonstrations are organised to celebrate the return of these modern heroes who are promised a golden retirement on Earth. This festival is called Robinson's Requiem because it commemorates the end of their lives as Robinsons and their return to civilian life. That is the official version. The reality is very different. The secret intelligence agency SI (Scientific Intelligence) has issued orders that certain Robinsons will not be returning. In the course of their numerous missions, some Robinsons come into contact with unknown viruses. To avoid all risk of contamination, SI has chooses to banish them. These sacrifices are not made in vain, because they enable the symptoms of these new diseases to be studied in the hope of conquering them and then being able to colonise the planets when they are free of these plagues. A handful of other agents - you included - have discovered what is going on, and the SI are onto you. For your last mission before the Robinson's Requiem, you are sent on a mission to a wild planet called Zarathustra. It is not listed in any official documents…

Your name is Trepliev1, you are an experienced Robinson and you are on your way to Zarathustra with the other 19 Robinsons of intake 2158…This is your last mission before the Robinson's Requiem…

Heres the gist of it for those who hate to read:
Earth and its colony planets are getting too crowded, Robinsons explore new planets to see if they are suitable for colonisation. Robinsons are the cream of the crop, only the best are chosen to become Robinsons and go on a 5 year tour of duty, after wich you come back home to earth to retire, a very rich hero. Some Robinsons catch some new and deadly diseases on these expeditions, so the powers that be decide to banish these individuals, making so that they never come back to earth and risk spreading the disease. You are Robinson Tripliev1, and you found out about this "nice" pratice, but are sent to your last mission before your Robinson's Requiem before you could blow the whistle.

Heres where you goons come in, I don't know how I should write this. As a gamer trying out the game with funny captions or as some sort of story where I take on the role of Tripliev1, the readers would read his diary entries and what he sees when he reads the white booklet he received when he was admitted.(the white booklet contains some back story, survival tips and short descriptions helpful in completing the game). Last but not least, heres a uncropped picture of the interface, suggest me a good viewable resolution size for my pictures, as to not lag people out when they load the page AND not be too heavy.

3mb unresized picture

Its up to you!

This will also double as a Robinson's Requiem discussion thread, for those bastards crazy enough to attempt it, keep spoilers spoilered, as always. Thanks!