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Robinson's Requiem

by Cyberdud

Part 10

When we left off, Trepliev1 was near a lake, resting after killing off an entire village. His cold has kept him stuck here for a bit, so let's go see how he is doing.

Sleep doesn't come easy, howling in the distance makes me paranoid and restless, my cold is getting better, but I can't shake off what Nietsche26 said from my mind…we need all the Sesame computers from every Robinson of this intake, including mine, to deactivate whatever it is that made us crash in the first place. Yeah, I'm sure he wants me dead, he wants my computers, so he can get off this planet and leave me here for dead…well that's not gonna happen! I'll kill him before he kills me. I gather whatever I can for the journey and set off towards Nietsche26.

I can see him wandering around, where I last spoke to him…

He waves as I get closer, but his expression darkens when he sees my face. "I'm here for your computer Nietsche26, I don't want any trouble, just hand it over and there won't be any viol- "

I see him draw a laser pistol, so I lunge at him with my knife, we struggle for a bit but I finally get the better of him

This is what I came here for, cursed device…

It was not all for naught, I find his laser pistol and a cartridge for it.

Its light, accurate, reliable and is pretty lethal to a grown human…heh…I think this will become a very useful tool in my escape from this place…

I make my way back to "camp" to ressuply. Something strikes me as odd, something I didn't seem to notice in all my time spent here…there is a precipice with what looks to be a fruit bearing tree at the end, so I go investigate

Wait, its not a tree…its some sort of cross. I step carefully ahead, It's a long way down.

Something is flying towards me at great speed, oh god not one of these again

I stab it dead, good timing, I was getting a bit hungry.

I continue walking, Shit I think there is someone on that cross. I run towards it, almost falling to my death in the process.

…there is a Robinson nailed here…It's easy to tell because he has a Sesame computer tied to his torso and tattered remains of a Robinson issued uniform. The local wildlife seems to have made short work of the cleanup. I reach out to grab his computer slowly, expecting the skeleton to grab my hand and bring me back to hell with it.

Its Hegel17…those savages must have offered you as a sacrifice to their gods.

Hegel hegel hegel…always so trusting of everybody…During training, I remember he told me he always dreamed of meeting other sentient beings not from earth…who would have expected you'd meet your end at the hands of the very people you couldn't wait to meet.

I set out, not wanting to stay in this desert hell hole any longer. I give myself an injection of anti-venom, not knowing what kind of poisonous snake or thing could be in the soft sand lying ahead.

As soon as I step in the sand, I can hear some strange noises coming from in front of me…I start walking faster, the sound is getting closer, I turn around just in time to see GIGANTIC spiders following me, about the size of a freaking cat! I start to run, dodging a few of them in the process. I see a hole in the mountain wall, it's my best bet to escape those bastards, I run inside..

And promply regret my decision as a blast of cold air sends my near naked ass back outside. The spiders are gone…I throw my bag down in the sand and put on as much clothes as I can before lighting a torch and going back in

That new fur coat and mittens I made are coming in handy, I'm not that cold anymore for once…I start exploring the cavern…I get to a bigger chamber littered with bones, that's not a good sign.

I suddenly hear a roar and turn to face the sound…holy shit what is that thing?

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! I try to get laser but it's too fast

I barely have time to see it's sharp blood splattered teeth before it's mouth snaps shut, inches away from my face, I use this time to stab it as hard as I can in the chest, while trying to grab it's head in a headlock with my other

My god…I came …THAT close to losing an arm to that thing…but its-


That other one tried to sneak up on me but I guess the adrenaline made most of the work because I don't remember how I survived this fight…this cave is HUGE

Someone could easily become lost in those sharp turning corridors…thank god I have my Sesame mapping program.

I come to turn a corner and see a pair of legs sticking out of said corner.

Another one, another Robinson, again…again I find another one dead, another Robinson, another Robinson dead…fuck.

His computer indicates it was Pascal22, he's been eaten by something pretty big, He was stripped clean of his flesh.

Hahaha…ahem…I'm not sure I knew Pascal22, I'm not sure of anything really anymore, all the corpses start to look alike in my brain.

I start moving again because I'm scared, I'm scared they are gonna get me. I stumble in another chamber…the walls shine a bit at the presence of my torch…the ground is a bit different here…

Well hello there little fella, what's your name? I'm looking for my friends, have you seen them? Not a talker?

Since I need a friend, you are coming with me, I'll call you Wilson.

This ground is weird, its movi-

Blublublublub-oh that's mean, that was water, I can't see anything, god its cold. (Cyberdud's note: fuck there goes my torch, reload)

Too scared to go further, I make a fire inside the chamber near the water, they can't get me here, Wilson is part of the cavern too…he's with them, He's gonna rat on me I'm sure. So I ate him, I made a nice helmet from his carapace.

The ground is cold, Nina came back to me in a dream…
Hello again, I'm so happy! I've managed to contact you again, and it wasn't easy…because there's a lot of wind… ha ha ha

I've seen Descartes122. He is very hot, poor fellow, and very thirsty. Not like me! There are lots of bottles of whisky in my vessel…I promise to keep one for you…hic!
…She found another vessel? This thought snaps my mind back into action.

I painfully get up from my resting place next to a cave wall, noticing some white substance powdered on my coat…its salt, I turn around and scrape some of it off the walls. Salt is useful, it helps the body retain it's water. I refill my water supplies from the cave water and head back out the chamber

There is no end to this place, there must be another exit somewhere…

After what seems like forever, I turn a corner and am greeted with natural light! I run outside, happy to be out of this hellish maze

I can only explain what happened next with one word: Blistering. My lungs were burning, the air went from cold to hot in a blink of an eye. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I fell flat on my ass, dressed up to the gills in warm clothes, I was literally cooking, I start taking off clothes as fast as possible.

40c/104f. Holy cow…I thought I was complaining before…what is this place?

I eat some salt. I'm in my underwear with a leaf hat on, it's the only way I found to protect myself from the blistering sun without melting. My progress suddenly stops as I find I can't get my 2 feet out of the floor…the sand…its-

QUICK SAND!!! FUCK, AHH FUCK, HELP ME, HEL-mhhhhhhhhmhmhhhhhhh

Sesame under watch…cause of death…Suffocation

Oh yes folks, just when you thought this game was impossible, it goes one step further. Quicksand, patches of quicksand, littered around this area, they are brown with waves in them, they are hard to distinguish from regular darker brown sand that does not kill you. Really impossible to spot in the day time, almost impossible at night.

Welcome to the real desert:the mine field of mother nature.