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Robinson's Requiem

by Cyberdud

Part 11

Welcome back to another edition of survivor man! err I mean, Robinson's Requiem! When we left off, Trepliev1 was at the mouth of a hellish desert, sweating bullets. What dangers awaits him? Let's find out shall we?

The heat is getting to me, if it wasn't for the salt, I'd be dying of thirst pretty quickly. I can see another Robinson is alive in this hell hole…how?

There are giant mushrooms protruding from the sand…according to my white booklet, these are not edible…nothing seem edible here.

I have to watch my steps, the ground is not stable everywhere, just now, my right foot got stuck in some quicksand, I got lucky, this place is a death trap.(Cyberdud's note: Dark wavy sand means insta-death if you step on it, dark sand is fine, I have a hell of a time seeing if the next step will kill me or not. Do you blame me?)

…oops, lung full of sand again, time to reload

After a while wandering the burning hot desert, I finally arrive at the signal's location. Its Freud37! He's skin and bones…my god. He's running around in circles…

Good-day, good-day, good day to you! You know big beastie, she doesn't want me to go home at all not at all, at all! While waiting, I am training for the tour de France.

Well, it's not that I'm bored but you're so wet…I'll go and see if they've got my bicycle back.
My god, he totally lost it, he's all sun burnt and delirious…all tries to get him to give me his computer is met with more incoherent babble…

I feel horrible doing this, I tell him it's the tour de france and that he arrived first, the press wants to talk to him, so he turns around to talk to them…I'm sorry Freud37…

I pick up his computer, and look through his pockets. I find a flare gun and some flares. I'm glad he didn't fight back with these, we would have both died…

I didn't know Freud37 that much, he left the exploration to the others while he sat and watched. That didn't make him too popular amongst us.

Well done! Well done! Well done!
It's all so exciting! All these
adventures are too much for me!

I guess you were right…

I continue on my way, hoping to find shelter or a way out. I see something barely moving in the distance, it looks like it's sleeping. I wond-

Shit…i woke it up*stomp stomp*AAAAAHHHHHHHH *STOMP* IT'S A TRICERA-

*punt*Sesame under watch…cause of death:Violent traumatism, blablabla(Cyberdud's note: yeah, let that big bastard sleep for now, you don't have the means to kill it yet, so don't get too close.)

It's getting dark, I can't see shit

That's not the only thing, the temperature can reach bellow freezing point at night in the desert. So you have to put heavy clothes on.

I've been wandering the desert for almost a day, I'm too tired to go on, so I'm forced to camp out in this nightmare for the night. I can't see enough to ensure my survival, so I'll sleep till dawn.-Interuption-Everything went great, I woke up in a sweat as the temperature rose on me and I started cooking in my heavy clothes, time to set out again

Holy shit, I met those things a few minutes ago, they are fierce

They are a good source of meat and scales, sadly I don't need more scales, they would weight me down.

I stumble upon another body, is he alive, no wait, my eyes are playing tricks on me, he's no more then a pile of bones now…

The Sesame says it was Descarte122…I don't want to talk about it…

I just don't want to talk about it…

I continue moving, not wanting to end up like the people I met in this place. I hear a strange sound, then I see it. It's a security droid, I pray it didn't see me as I crawl away. If there are droids here…I must be close to the droid HQ…

I see a strange robot in the distance, it looks more humanoid in shape then the security droids


Sesame under watch…cause of death: tackled by a behemoth.(Cyberdud's note: Once again, you don't have a mean to kill that thing yet so stay away.)

Something catches my eye…something in the distance…so I head towards it, killing more of those beasts in the progress

What the…well yes I'd like a piña colada right about now, how nice of you…

…it was just a mirage, god I'm thirsty…I can't stay here anymore…I'll come back later more prepared…

After getting lost for a bit, I find the way back…My Sesame warns me it's battery is on it's last leg…damn it.

I make my way back through the cavern

Get back to the desert-lite, as I call it now.

My old camp was overrun by more natives…I don't have the will to fight them again for their village

So I head back towards the jungle.

With my coat, the trip is a little bit less hazardous.

And here I am, back to square one…now with 11 sesame computers…I'm halfway there. Now that I think of it…that cavern I used as shelter a few days ago…I should go explore it the next time I head out…for now I got to take care of these sun burns.

For the next update, more spelunking and a western shoot-out, future style!

Once again, I'm gonna sound like a broken record but I want to thank everybody who read and rated my thread, as it gives me motivation to go on when this game could have kicked my ass a long while ago. Thank you