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Robinson's Requiem

by Cyberdud

Part 15

The last time we left our hero, he had just discovered a raft! Now, let's get back to business shall we?

After going back to camp and getting my stuff, I jump on the raft and start exploring the river

The river goes around, but one path of the river leads to a hole in the mountain…So I dress up in my new winter wear, open my halogen lamp, make a silent prayer and head inside

The cave is filled with water, and its very cold. The path branches and I decide to take the left…

My Sesame tells me we are back in the very cold cavern I crossed earlier when I was making my way to the desert canyon! That's why its so cold!

The water ends after a bit, and I start walking towards the darkness…it's a dead-end, but I find a strange substance on the walls of the cavern…flowers of sulphur. I scrape some off with my knife before heading back to the raft and making my way back to the branch in the path

This time I take the right. Achoo! Great, I'm getting a cold again, I guess even all that fur is not enough in this place…I turn a corner and my blood runs cold

Oh shit oh shit oh shit, waterfall! I can't turn back, the current is too-



Sesame under watch…cause of death…cold water shock (Cyberdud's note: If you go in the water in this cave, the temperature of the water is too cold and Trepliev1 dies of cold water shock when the water touches his skin, so reload)

(Cyberdud's note, now let's assume Trepliev1 slipped into his lizard skin pants and shirt, as they stop water from coming into contact with his skin, thus saving him from another stupid death)*splash*OH GOD, the water is SO COLD, fuck fuck fuck, I swim as fast as my quickly numbing limbs allow.

I reach land, I quickly get out of the wet lizard skin and back into the fur clothes. I start walking…I hear a strange noise to my left.

Hol- What the hell are those giant people? Before I can say a word, it tries to bash my head in with a gigantic maul

I answer with ample violence

More of them, a *cough* hit from these gigantic weapons would surely break bones, so I do my best to defend myself

In one of the chambers the giants were protecting, I find another Sesame computer. This one belongs to Marx49

Sadly, I can't *cough cough*even find his remains. Whatever happened to him, it must have been horrible.

In my explorations of the cold cavern, I stumble upon this strange wall . It's very dark and smells familiar

Sesame tells me the walls are covered in charcoal. I scrape some off with my knife and put it in my bag.

After exploring all possible paths, *sniff* I hit another problem, this path ends here…water below makes it horribly clear that I have to go swimming in the cold water…again. So I slip into the wet lizard skins…a horrible experience to say the least. I jump into the water and start swimming, but a sound makes me turn ar-

AHHHHHH FUCK MY EYE, THAT FUCKING BIRD(Cyberdud's note: Yep, more of these asshole dinosaur birds. You can't defend yourself while in the water sadly, reload)

GOD DAMNIT(Cyberdud's note: reload again)

I shoot the bird dead with *cough*my laser before jumping into the water

*splash* f-f-f-f-fuck, my genitals are going to be gone by the time I get out of this hell hole.

Another one of these birds try to sneak up on me and I chop him evenly in half with my hatchet

Sesame tells me my cold is Critical, I have to get out of here soon, or I'll surely die.

Thankfully, the second jump landed me back on familiar ground inside the cavern

I run as fast as I can out to the desert, not wanting*cough cough* to ever go back there again for a while.

I don't want to die like this, I pop 2 aspirins and make my way to the native village

The natives don't want to share and my hatchet quickly gives me control of the area.

Its been a few hours since I came back.As I lay next to the water, shivering, I hope I'll make it through the night, if not, whoever finds my body will be that much closer to getting out of here.

Trepliev1 made it out of the cavern, he now have 16 Sesame computers including his own. He's very close to getting off this planet, if he can survive the night.

Just thinking about taking a dip in the -20c waters…holy cow that scares me

Thanks for the support, once again, we are getting closer to the end!