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Robinson's Requiem

by Cyberdud

Part 16: The End

We are nearing the end, Trepliev1 has almost all the computers he need to get off this forsaken planet. The last time we left our hero, he was resting in the native village in the desert, deathly ill of the flu after an expedition into very cold places.

It has been a gruelling few days. I kept drifting in an out of consciousness due to low blood pressure and fever caused by a very serious case of the flu. It seems to be under control now, I am happy to have survived this far. I can't stop thinking about the passages I didn't explore in the kagoo cavern(The cavern that leads to hell's desert). I think I'm strong enough to go take a look.

Those damn spiders are quick, they chase me all the way to the entrance of the cave

I don't have time to deal with them, you better be gone by the time I come back out! You hear!

Luckily, with my new fur clothes, this cave is not that bad now.

My Sesame indicates what path I have not taken yet, so this is my first priority.

The path leads to a bigger chamber full of stalactites and stalagmites.

Sadly this new path is another dead end, but I…I have found human remains

…and another Sesame…

It's Theophrastus7's…Nina was right…like always…

Poor guy…if you can hear me, you may have saved a life, thank you

Ah shit! My Sesame ran out of power

Lucky I have spares…

The exploration of all loose ends here yields no additional results. I feel like I'm running around in circles

I'll go ask Nietsche26 at his cabin if he has any additional information on the location of the remaining Robinsons. There is not much left of our class…only Nietsche26, me, Nina1 and Abélard39…(Cyberdud's note: He's still alive cause killing him earlier then this fucks the game forever)

I take out my picture again, I notice I forgot about Kant217…the one the centaurs slaughtered, I forgot to cross him out. Also to keep a more accurate count, I crossed out the Robinsons not part of our intake, that is: Aristotle 440, the Scientific Intelligence reporter and Plato25, the current president of AWE …so that leaves only 4 of us left. I know where Nietsche26 is, Nina1 can easily know where we are, that leaves only Abélard39, where could he be?

I walk up to Nietsche26, who's looking at me with anticipation. "I'm glad you are alright, I have gathered 17 Sesame computers including my own"

His face lights up
Congratulations pal, I knew I could count on an ace like you. Unfortunately there's still one problem: The droid base has been contaminated by a suffocating gas…

…And I've only one gas mask…as we say at home: Tough luck!

I see him go for his laser, I go for mi-*pew*

Sesame under watch…cause of death…laser impact(Cyberdud's note: Let's assume we were the winner of that quickdraw…)

You fool! We were so close to escaping and you try and cross me? I'm sorry to see you go but we have no room for backstabbers…

I find his computer…I guess this is one less loose end…

I find a laser cartridge for my laser and a gasmask on his body.

And then there were 3…

I make my way back to the native camp, more natives try to stop me, my axe puts an end to that.

Exhausted, I make camp at the village.

Trepliev! Why are we here? Would fate condemn us to die here on this head of stones? Aren't we dreaming? Or playing video games?

It's like Abelard39, He seems to have gone to sleep in a suffocating place…but is he really asleep? Is that all an illusion? To be or not to be? I'm asking you!
Oh no…well, now I know where Abélard39 is…IF she's right, it means we are the only two left alive.

I'm going to have to storm that droid HQ…so I may need some extra firepower. I mix the saltpetre, the sulphur and the charcoal together in my empty whisky bottle and put one of my lianas at the tip before tying it all together with a strip of bandage…this Molotov cocktail will surely put a dent in anything. (Cyberdud's note: The recipe is Salpetre+sulphur+charcoal+liana OR bandage+ empty whisky bottle = Molotov cocktail, weee).

I go back towards the Kagoo cavern.

These small kagoos are no match for my hatchet.

Head towards hell's desert.

Hot as always…now I got to find that HQ…

This place is treacherous, I do my best to avoid sinking like a rock in the quicksand.

I stumble upon this strange dinosaur creature…It's guarding a wreckage.

I shoot the dinosaur to wake it up, the laser doesn't even pierce it's skin. I'm in trouble.

It stands up, in a move of extreme idiocy or extreme brilliance, I light my Molotov cocktail…wait for it to get closer

I throw the cocktail

An explosion rocks the very floor I'm standing on.

It's dead…I try to gather some meat from the monster but my knife can't even pierce the skin…so I move on

Bad news, I found the burned remains of an escape shuttle…god I hope it isin't Nina1's. I don't find any Sesame computers…but I'm successful in salvaging a working battery from the wreck.

I'm running out of supplies…and the sand is just stretching on and on.

Night falls on hell's desert, the temperature is falling quickly.

I meet another one of these walker Robots…

3 shots of my laser puts it down for good

This one seems impervious to my la- *tackle*

(Cyberdud's note: Say hi to another invincible enemy you have to take down with some lateral thinking! So reload)

This robot is huge, but it's still a robot, I'm sure if I booby trap this battery…and lay it down in front of me, that robot will be fried to a crisp…

I'm sure this wire will fit jus-ust-ust-fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-fi-neee- NEEEE-

Sesame under watch…cause of death…electrocution (Cyberdud's note: nice job! Handle high voltage equipment without something to protect yourself…now reload)

I put on some Kevlar gloves before attempting the procedure

There…anything that steps on this is toast.

I step closer and the robot runs toward me, it steps on the battery

It blows up, I'm victorious! Now move aside so th-th-th-tha-tha-that f-f-f-f-u-ck-ck-

(Cyberdud's note: Fuck, its just as deadly to you if YOU step on it reload)

I finally arrive at the volcano.


Sesame under watch…cause of death…carbonisation(Cyberdud's note: Lava, don't mess with it, thanks, how the Sesame computer survives to tell the cause of death? Beats me)

I find a hole in the side of the mountain, a droid was guarding it so I assume it's the droid HQ

This pl*cough* place is *cough cough* really hot *cough cough cough* I can't *cough cough cough* fuck *cough cough cough*

Sesame under watch…cause of death…asphyxia(Cyberdud's note: Droid HQ, suffocating gas? Need more clues? Reload)

The gas here makes this area deadly. Luckily I have a gas mask. This place is cooking, I remove all my fur clothes.

After exploring the cavern a little bit, I make camp inside the volcano. Nina1 comes to me in a dream: Hello darling, there isn't far to go now, we shall meet again soon. I've lost my sesame down a volcanic fissure.

I hope you can get it back for me, So it can be entered on the computer. See you soon, my love.

This place is huge, I'm officially out of supply, but I can't turn back now. I must hurry.

I face two path, the path on the right is blocked by th-CHRIST MY LASER DOESN'T-

…(Cyberdud's note: can't kill these yet, take the other path. Reload)

This thing comes at me, blades spinning. A shot of the laser takes it down

Abélard39…I guess the gas or that thing got you.

God, he's all sliced up, but he still has his computer. Thank god…

Only me and Nina1 left…and she dropped her computer somewhere in here…The last computer…

I find a heavy laser next to him…my face lights up. That gun is very dangerous and has unlimited ammo!(Cyberdud's note: The game kinda devolves into a first person shooter after this, alot more enemies, and if they shoot you or touch you it usualy means insta death, either by laser impact or violent traumatism...the "umbrella term")

I come back to the branching path and make short work of it's protector with my new weapon

It's been an hour or so, I'm getting thirsty, I'm out of water…I want out.

I find a gigantic chamber, magma flows freely here. Flying orb robots fly around, I take them down(Cyberdud's note: Try aiming at something 2 pixel wide with a shaky mouse aiming system. also if you touch the dark red walls or the lava on the floor, you die, so watch it)

In another dead end, next to a fissure in the wall, I find another Sesame…

It's Nina1's. I have all 20 Sesames now…I need to find the droid HQ's central computer.

Another dead end…but this one is peculiar. It has a door leading outside, it won't budge…

It's been a few hours. The heat is starting to get to me, I'm so thirsty. I finally found the computer room

Once again, its protected by flying robots, after a bit they all go down. It's hard to aim this big gun.

Huge racks of cooled super computers are in this chamber.

This computer has the AWE logo…I think this is it. This is the centra computer where I can insert all my Sesames…

I insert all the computers into the machine…

I then reach for my chest

I remove my Sesame computer. I now truly feel naked for the first time in 5 years…I can no longer access my mapping software or my internal scanner…

I insert my sesame into the machine, a loud siren is heard. A voice rings out around me


Alright, now lets take a moment and see what's left to do. You have to go back to the doors you ran into earlier...without a map, before the time runs out...yeah you heard me right. This fucking part. I did it so many times!! Okay, lets go back to Trepliev1

The sas…the sas…are they talking about that door I ran into? Oh shit, I have to get there fast! Or i'm going up with this entire place…the bastards! Once we all died, they would come here and pick up all our sesame and use the data recorded to further their studies?? We were nothing more then lab rats! I start running out the room, I avoid stepping in the many lava fields, I run towards where I think the doors are…damn dead end, I keep running…my throat is on fire

I finally find them, I run towards them as fast as I can.

The door opens. I'm almost…there…

Sunlight! I see Nina1 near the shuttle, she's waving at me. "Trepliev! Over here! I'm so happy to see you!" She yells

"MOVE! We can talk later!"

"This whole area is going to blow!"

We get inside, the sight of many boxes of canned food and water makes me smile, Nina1 takes the cockpit while I sit next to her. She looks at me and smile, I only yell: "GO GO GO!"

The engines roar to life and we lift off towards the emptiness of space before the explosion

We reach earth a week later. Sadly our story goes unheard by the general public. The media and earth's population welcome us back as heroes. AWE never spoke about what happened to us back on Zarathustra. Me and Nina1 chose to never speak again after what happened to us on that damn planet…so what about our Robinson's Requiem? It lasted a week…if you want my opinion…

It was a mockery.

In memory of Intake 2158, our friends, our brothers, our family…

Here is a taste of what I faced, the last moments of Robinson's Requiem + the ending, in VIDEO

(The ending is entirely out of my head, except that little ditty at the end where you see them escape, we get nothing else, all this hell for a badly animated 3d animation thats over in a heartbeat, woo!)

Barrelfull of death, Medical kit fuckery