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Robinson's Requiem

by Cyberdud

Part 4

Well fuck, stashbox finally has been fixed and I can get on with the thread, we left our hero sleeping in a cavern, probably getting hemorrhoids from the cold cave floor:

Hello Trepliev1…It's me, Nina1…Don't worry, you are asleep…but you know my telepathic powers and your subconscious is easy to reach…

I've managed to land in a volcanic zone. If you could deactivate the force fields, we could get off this cursed planet. Just the two of us…so long…

It was Nina1…and her nosy telepathic powers. I guess there is a way to get off this planet after all, I got to find her and learn how… I throw another branch in the fire to keep it going while I get out to refill my gourd, I'm thirsty…

Days are shorter here…so I have to hurry before night comes again.

I take a drink from my gourd, refill it and re-sterilize it before heading out to explore my area further, Sesame tells me I still need to explore the upper part of the map.

I can see a man in the distance, he's only wearing tattered Robinson issued pants. He waves and ask me to come closer, I remember that voice

My Sesame can't pick up his Sesame computer, did he lose it? Did it's battery died?

It's Darwin5, he looks like hell, he has a strange rash on his body
Cuckoo! How are you? Me, not bad, I don't feel in my usual state…oouch…you recognize me I hope? Darwin5! Ow…have to say, I've changed a lot in 5 years…ouch

He looks to be in a lot of pain
I've carried out some risky missions and I've run into plenty of dirty tricks! Ouch, it's got me again…ow…I've suddenly become hungry again..ooooOOOH

His moans echoes around me, his frame twists violently, I can hear bones dislocatting, growing, cracking… Darwin5's tortured moans turn into something else…

…a snarl. Holy fucking Christ! I take a step back and reach for my knife

He quickly lunges at me, his teeth snapping 2 inches away from my left tigh as I finally grab my knife and do my best to defend myself. Green saliva ooze from his mouth.

My knife hits him in the sternum, but it does not even slow it down, so I keep stabbing while holding his face away from me.

I don't know how I did it, but he's dead. Once dead, he regained his normal form…His face is frozen in some sort of twisted grimace. Ho, holy shit! Is that the sort of diseases the Scientific Agency was talking about? I think I agree with them on this one…we do not want what he had on earth…

He has nothing on him, I find his dead Sesame computer a few steps away from where he was standing before he attacked me. Since the battery is dead, I can't get any information from it except the owner's name that is written on the back: Darwin5.

I didn't care much for Socrates19, but Darwin5 was a closer friend, so I utter a silent prayer before moving on. I hope I didn't catch whatever he had. Except my flu, Sesame gives me a clean bill of health, so I guess I'm fine.

The most important
Thing is to stay healthy- so long, boy!

Yeah…a whole lot of good that did you. I close my white booklet as a branch snapping catches my attention, I immediately hit the dirt and crawl further up the path.

I catch the rear end of something moving further up the branching mountain path, I take the other path, still crawling, hoping to god that whatever is out there doesn't see me.

As I'm crawling up the other path, I turn around and catch a good glimpse of the intruder. It looks like a tiger, it must have been attracted here by our struggle and the smell of blood. I keep moving up the path

Until I stumble upon a strange looking tree. Its covered in a strange sticky substance. It smells like gasoline, but its viscous and sticky. I take my knife and scrape some of it off. It feels like paste and it sticks to my hands. My Sesame indicates this substance is inflammable, akin to gasoline. This could make a good fire. I scrape more off the tree and stick it in my bag then go on my way.

Further ahead, I stumble upon another cavern entrance… It's very dark…Suddenly I have a spark of genius, I take some of the green substance and rub it on one of the branches from my bag, light a match…Blammo, I have a torch! I make a few more torches, take a deep breath and head inside…


Here is what I saw for a while until I found a way to sneak past the tiger

Ahh! The knife! It does nothing

Sesame under watch…………cause of death……..violent traumatism
That's kinda what you get for any violent trauma death like getting mauled to death by a tiger or falling off a cliff. That image scared the fuck out of me as a child, as the 3DO version had no music on that screen, so it was silent dread while I realize that I died.

The game crashed randomly for a bit, so I had to restart from an earlier save, I think it's the game's copy protection mechanism(Write word 12 from page 2 on line 4, or word 1, page 21, line 1, blablabla) if I don't write the word it asks at the security check, it fucks up my game and crashes randomly. What the fuck, seriously?

Sorry if it took longer then expected, I had to deal with the game crashing on me a few times, and a dozen horrible deaths