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Robinson's Requiem

by Cyberdud

Part 5

God what a gigantic update! Anyway, I'm finally done with this part, so here you go! Enjoy!

Oh MY GOD, its so cold in here, my nipples are turning into diamonds

I can feel something staring at me…I can see something too. Yeah I see you, come out!

Whoa! What the hell is that? It claws me across an arm, the cold amplifying the pain, I lash out with my knife

It falls limp on the ground, I try to carve something out of it but my hands are too numb to do anything. Oh man.

Achoo! This place is huge…I take care of my wounds

More of these things…

I have trouble dodging them, my limbs are getting numb

*cough cough* Yeah my flu is getti-

AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh *thump*(Cyberdud's note: Don't move with the map up, you'll surely walk into a crevice or a pixelated hole and DIE)

*cough cough* Yeah my flu is getting worse…Damn a dead-end…

I think this stuff is Salpetre…one of the components used in making black powder, I scrape some off with my knife and put it in my bag

I stumble upon strange bones…they seem to belong to these creatures that attacked me, They seem to be eating each other's corpses… gross. Achoo! It seems there was a fight earlier here, I can see dried blood on the floor.

Oh shit…a Sesame computer next to a human pile of bones...

The Sesame computer belongs to Hume60, seems like he went down fighting.

I didn't know Hume60 very much, he kept to himself and we barely saw him on our missions. Still, he didn't deserve to end up monster-food so far away from earth…

Nothing can be salvaged from his remains, sadly.

Light! Thank god, I can't feel my toes anymore. Sesame tells me my flu is getting worse…

I look worse for wear. I pop an aspirin and pray to god I don't get some fever.

Foggy mosquito-ladden swamps…I could catch some very shitty diseases in here so I take a Quinine in case I come in contact with disease ridden mosquitoes.

My Sesame warns me to the presence of another Robinson in the area.

Something is walking towards me, and it does not look nice

Oh jesus, scaled green monster with a gigantic package!

He takes quite a few stabs to down, but he rewards me with 2 patches of scales and some meat

Those trees are strange, I'm successful in cutting off a few cords off it. I think they are called lianes…whatever that is.

More green giants, more scales

I'm getting battered…what is this? Looks like a very plump pumpkin. Sesame tells me its edible

I walked too close to one of these strange green plants and it tried to take a bite out of my arm. It looks very poisonous. I come face to face with some very mean looking bald women, they try to stab me but I run away(Cyberdud's note: Thus why there is no pictures). I can't go further so I take another path…damn mosquitoes

There he is, the source of the map signal. Its Epicurus92, bald as ever. He looks happy to see me. It seems he built himself a little haven in a tree.

Hello you old scoundrel! Still chasing skirt?...This time I'm ahead of you…I've a great plan for the village amazons, the "girl Fridays" as I call them…
Seems like he is still jealous of me after all this time.

You can go and see them, but watch out, don't touch! Take this medallion, they will recognize it. You see, apart from me, they don't like strangers much…
They are bald and so are you, maybe that's why they didn't try to spill your guts yet? I take the necklace he is offering me and he walks away.

Where did he go? His signal is gone and I don't see him anywhere, why is he hiding his signal from me?

What are those? They look tasty. Sesame tells me they are a kind of drug…hmm…

I can finally go back to the amazons, this time they don't seem to attack me…

This one is a bit bigger…She is looking at me strangely

Wow, she can talk!
Peace friend…Do you have brother Epicurus necklace. He talk much, not do much…we afraid kagoo. He come night, kill little Fridays! You strong and brave…you kill kagoo!. Whoa, Kagoo? Why do I have a feeling I do NOT want to be here when darkness comes??

That's a strange animal…it has teets…I wonder…eww…yes it does, Well I now have one liter of "milk". It'll keep me alive for a bit…at least

Time is flying by, its almost time for dawn, I have to get out of here before "Kagoo" comes out

I make it back to the entrance of the cavern…I'm exhausted

I make a fire, eat and drink and look at what I have in my bag…Those cords…another stroke of genius comes over me. I bend a branch and attach a cord to both sides…I made myself a bow, I get my knife, some branches and some feathers and start making arrows…an hour later I lay down and try to sleep a bit…heh heh heh…that damn tiger doesn't know whats coming…

Oh no…its nina1 again!

Well lazybones…what are you making?...I don't intend to spend my life here. I've other ideas!(Cyberdud's note: There is another dream sequence before this one where she calls you a clumsy prick and goes on about how another robinson is doing better then you)

Freud37 moves about much more then you. He's landed in the desert and I sense that he is already near me. Perhaps I shall be a little unfaithful…
What a bitch…

After waking up, I make my way back to the other exit, killing a few of those dark monster things in my way… I come back to the crossroad in the mountain…with my bow slung on my shoulder and a few arrows in my hands, I crawl closer before standing up…

I take the bow and an arrow and I pull back, taking careful aim. The tiger sees me, and starts running towards me, I let an arrow fly, it hits him in the chest, but he's still coming!

He's close, stumbling with the arrows, I pull another one back, he's right in my face. Aaaaaargh, I let go, the arrow hits him right in the eye. The arrow goes deep in his eye socket.

I killed it! Wooo! Victory! I take my knife and start working on it's fur. When I'm done, I have some fur and some meat. I lug it back towards the lake. I make a fire and have a feast. While I'm eating, I tool around more with those cords I found. I made myself a fishing line with the nappy pin from my medical kit, a cord and a branch. I have some worm, so I sit down next to the fire, happy with my little accomplishment, put a worm on my line and cast it, chewing on some of that strange fruit I found in the swamp.

Hahaha, that fish is so stellar dude! It's like a space fish. Space…fucking space man, its so out there. Oh oh, Sesame tells me I caught malaria in the swamps. Malaria...thats such a weird name, sounds like Maria, Hahaha I'm so wasted


Well, Trepliev1 is now actually armed. There are other tigers roaming around the area. Daddy is gonna make himself a winter coat.