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Robinson's Requiem

by Cyberdud

Part 9

Special Cyberdud fucks up edition

Well, Operation mop up has been an incredible success, using a save game I kept from when Trepliev1 was going into the mutant cave to visit the marsh for the first time.

Now, when we arrive to our dear old friend Epicurus, he's still near his house in the trees

Here he is offering me the pendant.

I take the pendant and then stab him

What the fuck? I get one stab in before he goes poof

He's nowhere, I can't find him…not on the map, not anywhere…so no pendant, no sesame, damn, reload

I try to shoot arrows at him but they all go thru without an effect…reload…

I stab him when he offers me the pendant, this time he stays and fight with a survival knife, I think he goes Houdini if I pick up his pendant from his hand…

He goes down

Its sad he had to go, but I guess that's survival of the fittest…now let's see the loot…Sesame computer…check

The pendant…

A bottle of whisky…Oh dear, is that the "special plan" he had in mind for the amazons? Not cool

I save and reload to see how he disappears once you take his necklace, there he goes..

He's heading toward that mount-

Oh you gotta be kidding me

He's walking up that mountain. va-vroom.

And he's gone, out of here, scram. Well, thank god we killed him otherwise the game is unwinnable…I don't get it, no clue, nothing to tell you you need his computer, and the way he just runs off…magical.

Anyway, I'm happy to say we are back where we left off now, with one more Sesame computer in our hands…

Oh and for the record

For the sake of not making our hero a monster, lets just say Epicurus was found dead in the amazon village, dead of a broken pelvis…ahem…yeah. Godspeed you crazy bastard, Godspeed…

Now for the next update, we are back where we left off, + some whisky and +1 sesame computer - some sanity. Thank god.