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Part 15: Space Princesses and Idiots

Dexter reawakens with his cool shades still on and Akihabara standing over him. We mention Old Rococo, but he laughs it off and says we're back at home.

Somehow the Time Slip occurred without displacing our body, so it all basically sounds like a dream now. Akihabara salvaged the Tetron, though.

Though earthquakes are now starting to occur in the present... could it be a Giant? No more dungeons filled with strong breezes, please.

Boy: Why can't I go to the river? I want to see what fell!

Policeman: Everyone calm down. A Light fell by the Cave. We don't know what it was. It's dangerous to go there, so everyone wait here! I'll go check it out.

All three kids here are programmed to say the exact same thing. They must be clones.

No no no this sounds disgusting

In the house here we talk to the old lady and magically learn how to make a little helper for her, the Little Robot.

Equipping the 2,000G Little Robot, we give it to the old lady.

He's the same model as the dude we saw in the Family Shrine.

Who's gonna stop me? You?

So let's change into a mouse.

Inside we drill through a door and meet a Princess.

Are you Dexter? What a coincidence! I'm her Consul! People can see us here, so let's go somewhere else so I can fill you in.

Valet: This is Princess Tira. Dexter, we came to ask you to help us. On Choco, the Hackers have launched an attack. The surface was burned, and we ran into shelter.

Tira: One of my ancestors, Cookie, told me to come here to see you.

Valet: Princess!! I'll tell him, your explanation would take so long. A Tetron is in your possession. “Use its power”, Cookie's will said. The Hackers have a Fortress with a strong power. We need the Tetron to destroy it.

Akihabara: It's hard to believe...

Valet: But it's true. In exchange, I'll give you this.

Valet gives us a spaceship to fly to Choco! He probably just gave us the keys considering a spaceship would probably crush this house.

So our next goal, now, is to head to the other planet of Choco.

Talking to Akihabara, we tell him we believe them and he gives us the Tetron to use.

Robotrek Tunes – Beyond the Stars!

Robotrek definitely expands in its scope right here. We've been into the past, where we discovered that we are a descendant of Rask, who built the Tetron. The Tetron can manipulate time. The Hackers want it to, of course, control time and fuck shit up, and they were once headed by Gateau, who was once an ally of Rask's. Now, the threat to Choco (home planet of Rask, Cookie, Gateau) that we learned about in the past has come to fruition in the present, so we must go stop it.

Choco, is, um, northeast on the space map.

Oh and every now and again you'll see Superman flying by

As well as UFOs, no biggie. There's no enemy encounters out here anyway

So let's land on Choco.

Robotrek Tunes – Futuristic World in Peril

Choco has the style of generic-sci-fi-outfit down pat.

For now, our experience of Choco is just this shelter.

There's a lab here, but they can't do anything at the moment, no resources.

Further in, we learn some great new shit. We can't read the Inventor's Friend 50 yet, but we can read 30 and 40. These teach us Shield 5 and Boots 6; Boots 6 is the last of the Boots line, and provides maximum movement and quite a bit of Guard (for reference, the Boots 5 provides the most Guard at the sacrifice of 2 movement). Shield 5 is also the last of the Shield line, so that's great. You can also now make Bomb 4 from Boots 6 + Bomb 1.

This is Gateau. He's lost his memory of what happened in the past, and now he helps in the Shelter as an engineer.

This probably sounded hilarious in the Japanese.

Even in space, rednecks are hated.

Yeah, any place where machines and nature coexist, i.e., a eutopia, doesn't deserve to exist in actual reality.

Did you know our Transceiver can work between planets? Because it can.

This shop here sells Scrap 9s and 10s, which is awesome.

My Consul will give you the details.

Valet introduces us to Choco's Lab Chief, who we hand the Tetron over to.

He believes that because the Tetron can see into the past, we can see how the Fortress was built, perhaps, and identify its weak points.

We loan him Scrap A while we're here.

Afterward, we head to the Lab. The Lab Chief wants to examine the Scrap A thoroughly, but combining the Tetron stones together is more important right now.

We return to Valet again.

Valet: Did you see the Lab? I hope they get something from the Tetron... Gateau from the Lab? He's a hard worker. I think Tira is interested in him. I heard about someone with the same name who tried to steal the Tetron. It must be a coincidence.

People on Choco are not immune to being total idiots.

Because you're a complete fool.

AND you should have STOPPED THEM.

The telegram, of course, is Gateau boasting about how the Tetron and Tira are his, and that we're better off surrendering.

It appears he forgot nothing, it was just an act.

The game teleports us back to the meeting room.

He asks for volunteers, and no one says anything (and Dexter is mute), so he resorts to straws. Whoever draws a red straw joins the rescue team. These are people who oversee a shelter...

and deal with their issues through straws. No wonder the Hackers fucked their planet up.

It doesn't matter which one, we'll get the red straw.

Talking to Valet before heading to the dock, we get a cool 5,000GP; not that we really need it anymore. He also opens the Lab Warehouse for us.

It has another Scrap 10, 5,000G, and the last Bomb, Bomb 4.

Bomb 4 hits multiple targets, if you're still using them; they're still the third-strongest weapon in the game.

Next, we head to the Dock and set off on another space adventure!

Thanks, I really needed to go so badly.

Suddenly, the spaceship is attacked.

Well shit.

I guess we're going to die now.


I mean this isn't the first time we've miraculously survived an explosion