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Rocket: Robot on Wheels

by Good-Natured Filth

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Original Thread: But he only has one wheel?!?!? Let's Play Rocket: Robot on Wheels!


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Thanks to Magnetic North for the thread title suggestion!

Alternate titles:
Another N64 collectathon. Let's Play Rocket: Robot on Wheels!
Sly, meet Jojo. Let's Play Rocket: Robot on Wheels!
Poorly designed amusements. Let's Play Rocket: Robot on Wheels!
The future of Segway. Let's Play Rocket: Robot on Wheels!
Clown Kittens! (Dodd's suggestion)

What is it?

Rocket: Robot on Wheels is a game developed by Sucker Punch and published by Ubisoft for the Nintendo 64. It was released in November of 1999. You take control of Rocket (a robot who is on a wheel) as he tries to save his creator's amusement park, Whoopie World, from destruction by an angry second-string raccoon mascot, Jojo. When released, it was marketed with the advanced (for its time) physics engine the game used, as well as marvelous other features! Check out this time warp for more!

Why play it?

RRoW was over-looked by many people due to its lackluster appearance when compared to superior, similar games like Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. However, it has merits of its own and is definitely a game worth showing off. I'm not claiming to be the best Rocket player in the world, but I give it a fair shake.

Plus, it had a red cartridge.


Dodd the Hammer will be joining me again for this video LP and many discussions will be had about the reality of the amusement park in the game. I'll try to keep it at 2 videos per week.

Videos YouTube
Episode 1 (Clowney Island, Part 1) YouTube
Episode 2 (Clowney Island, Part 2) YouTube
Episode 3 (Clowney Island, Part 3) YouTube
Episode 4 (Paint Misbehavin', Part 1) YouTube
Episode 5 (Paint Misbehavin', Part 2) YouTube
Episode 6 (Paint Misbehavin', Part 3) YouTube
Episode 7 (Overworld Antics) YouTube
Episode 8 (Mine Blowing, Part 1) YouTube
Episode 9 (Mine Blowing, Part 2) YouTube
Episode 10 (Mine Blowing, Part 3) YouTube
Episode 11 (Overworld Shenanigans) YouTube
Episode 12 (Arabian Flights, Part 1) YouTube
Episode 13 (Arabian Flights, Part 2) YouTube
Episode 14 (Arabian Flights, Part 3) YouTube
Episode 15 (Overworld Tomfoolery) YouTube
Episode 16 (Pyramid Scheme, Part 1) YouTube
Episode 17 (Pyramid Scheme, Part 2) YouTube
Episode 18 (Pyramid Scheme, Part 3) YouTube
Episode 19 (Overworld Capers) YouTube
Episode 20 (Food Fright, Part 1) YouTube
Episode 21 (Food Fright, Part 2) YouTube
Episode 22 (Food Fright, Part 3) YouTube
Episode 23 (Let's Cheat) YouTube
Episode 24 (Showdown in Jojo Werld [sic]) YouTube
Bonus Episode (God Mode) YouTube

Ticket List

Whoopie World - COMPLETE
A - Grab it on your way in.
B - Get to the bottom of things.
C - Learn a secret straight from the raccoons mouth.
D - Just keep "roman" around.
E - The secret's mine! All mine!
F - Get into the clouds and hang around.
G - Secrets are often veiled in the clouds.
H - Three tokens point the way.
I - Can you handle the dome room's secret?
J - Swingers are welcome on the ceiling.
K - Jojo's waiting...
L - 200 Tinker Tokens are surely worth a ticket.

Clowney Island - COMPLETE
A - Stop and smell the enormous flowers.
B - Swing into action on some floating platforms.
C - The Battle of Midway.
D - A hidden entrance? Bee observant!
E - Who's up for a race? You may need a little help.
F - Pick up some rings at the drive-through.
G - Help the screws, then take a spin. Once around is enough.
H - Coast through 5 targets. Cross the tracks if you dare.
I - The dinosaur needs a few parts.
J - Check out the view from the carnosaur's cranium.
K - Get a handle on the Midway.
L - Tokens are always useful.

Paint Misbehavin' - COMPLETE
A - Your true colors aren't always enough.
B - Spruce up some statues.
C - More electricity! More lightning! More!
D - You raised it, you climb it.
E - Put some medallions together and watch the fun.
F - Swing through the trees. OK, tree.
G - You're underwater, but things are looking up.
H - Your turn to fix the machine.
I - Rings + FinBot = Ticket.
J - Hmmm... lots of water. Why not see where it goes?
K - It's in the back.
L - 200 will get you 1.

Mine Blowing - COMPLETE
A - There's a fungus among us.
B - I'm only a ticket in a gilded cage...
C - Exploding gems? You can get a ticket for that.
D - Get a bomb up where it will do some good.
E - Get behind Whoopie, but watch for bombs.
F - Mine carts will take you to some helpful clowns.
G - Beware of rolling rocks.
H - Put those parts to use.
I - Gears and pistons and pits, oh my!
J - Feeling boxed in? Climb the walls.
K - There's never a bomb where you need it.
L - Trade a few dingy tinker tokens for a nice shiny ticket.

Arabian Flights - COMPLETE
A - Stepping stones: can't touch just one.
B - Propellors aren't just for beanies.
C - Hit the switches, win a prize!
D - Enter the tower of 1,000 secrets! OK, 2 or 3 secrets.
E - Fun with magnets.
F - Give us a ring sometime.
G - Are you ready to Roc?
H - Repair the machine and meet your biggest fans.
I - Where does all that air come from?
J - Four secret spots? Sounds good.
K - Circle around and look behind things.
L - Tokens always come in handy.

Pyramid Scheme - COMPLETE
A - It's absolutely the top.
B - Grapple with a tile-flipping problem.
C - Return of the screws.
D - A few simple parts can transform your world.
E - Why go to the lava when the lava will come to you?
F - A ruined circle is better than no circle at all.
G - Don't let a little lava stand in your way.
H - From restful to ruined and back again.
I - This "rock in mouth" situation is explosive!
J - Ring around the lava.
K - How high can you fly?
L - Tokens, tokens everywhere! On the ground! In the air!

Food Fright - COMPLETE
A - The marshmallows obviously have met the mushrooms.
B - What kind of clown would work for scale?
C - Get to the teeth of the problem.
D - Do handles have you spinning in circles?
E - Ring a ding ding.
F - Troll for a ticket.
G - Get to the top of things.
H - Those are some big flipping bugs!
I - Get inside the monster's head. Literally.
J - Monsters hate having something in their eyes.
K - The eyes have it.
L - Tokens: collect the whole set!
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