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Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

by Killrrhubarb

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Original Thread: Who you calling Chicken? - Let's Play Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken



Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, released in October 2011 for the PS3, later released in 2012 for the PC and then on the Vita, Mac and Linux in 2013, is a 2D action platformer developed by Ratloop.

The Rocketbirds series started off with Revolution, which was released on browser and is still playable on the Rocketbirds website, then Hardboiled Chicken, and lastly Evolution, which is still in development. The game has a full 15 level story campaign, and a 10 level co-op campaign that can be played both locally and online. Although the game is primarily a platformer, it adds in some interesting shoot-em-up style elements throughout the game. The game has a interesting story, fully voice-acted cutscenes (though some of the voice acting is subpar), many different weapons and utilities, and great music done by indie band New World Revolution.

The story starts out with Hardboiled Chicken infiltrating the city of Albatropolis to find and kill evil communist leader and penguin, Putzki, but gets deeper and more intriguing as the game progresses. I won't spoil any of it, but this isn't your typical action side-scroller.

Please no spoilers about any story elements .

This project will be a video let's play. My plans with this series is to complete the story 100%, getting all 45 signs in this game. I'll be introducing the characters as we get to them, and adding more information about the ones we've already met. After that, I plan to show off the co-op campaign with a co-commentator, followed by Revolution as I talk about the differences between this game and Revolution.

Hardboiled Chicken is our gun-toting main protagonist, and our player controlled chicken. He has been given the task of infiltrating the city of Albatropolis and finding and killing the evil leader, Putzki. We learn that Hardboiled was an experiment, getting boiled in his egg as a fetus, and then later in life was brainwashed into working for the Black Star. As a Black Star soldier he killed British, French, American and Russian birds before seeing a chicken very similar to himself as a child, which breaks him out of his brainwashing and makes him fight back.

Putzki is the man we are sent to find and kill. He is our main antagonist. Although his propaganda posters are lying about him being fearless, he is certainly resourceful, and smart.

Not much is known about Brno yet, except that he is strong, smart, very evil, has access to a lot of elite soldiers, and is able to reassure Putzki. Hardboiled knows him personally, and he seems to delight in making Hardboiled suffer extreme amounts of pain. Maybe we'll find out more in the future...

Penguin Soldiers are your typical grunts. They have a machine gun but they're weak and therefore quite easy to kill, even with your default pistol.

Red Soldiers are exactly the same as your typical grunts, except with a jetpack, so I suppose that makes them more awesome.

Bazooka Penguins have a bazooka. They use a helicopter to fly. That's basically it.

Penguin Captains strut around like they own the place, with their blue suits and their AK's. They die just as easily as everyone else though.

Riot Shield Soldiers are big, buff, can take a lot of hits, and have a riot shield. Easy to deal with, though. All you need to do is roll behind them and BAM!

Although Chicken Soldiers are only equipped with a pistol, they are very healthy and deal out quite a lot of damage. Exact clones of Hardboiled, except being black with a black star.


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