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Rocky Rodent

by Deceased Crab

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Original Thread: Rocky Rodent: Hair does not really work that way



Let's Play Rocky Rodent!

How about Let's Not Play Rocky Rodent.
But I like Rocky Rodent. What, you don't like Rocky Rodent?

No. This game is miserably difficult, ridiculous, and doesn't make any sense. And not in a good way.
But I thought all the hair-based powerups were interesting, even if the game was blindingly hard?

No. The game is nasty, brutish, and long. Irem must've been smoking crack back in 1993 when they made SNES games. It's like R-Type except not at all like R-Type and you wish you were dead.
But it has a story! And it has inventive and varied levels! Isn't that enough?

No. The story is terrible and the levels are painfests. They will make you suffer.
I thought you were supposed to be asking all the questions?

Enough talk, have at you! Let's Play Rocky Rodent!


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