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Original Thread: Death Is Not The End: Let's Play Rogue Trooper! [VLP]



So, What's This Then?

Rogue Trooper, by Rebellion (who later went on to divide people over AvP), is a fun little third person shooter, based on the 2000AD comic of the same name. The story is fairly simple: Rogue and his buddies are GIs (Genetic Infantrymen), special soldiers who are created to wage war on the now devastated Nu-Earth. This is their first mission, meant to prove that GIs are a new, better mousetrap.

So What's It Got To Do With The Comic?

It's an adaptation of the first story arc of the original comic, 'Traitor General'. For those who want spoilers, go look up "Rogue Trooper" on Wikipedia.

Can We Post Spoilers?

Well, basically, let's try and keep this as spoiler free as possible. I'll be trying to post bonus vids comparing this adaptation to the original, along with the encyclopedia entries, but try not to mention anything that hasn't already happened. I'll try and do the same, and we'll all try and have fun, aye?

So, How's It Gonna Go?

Essentially, I'll be posting around a video a week (Polsied YouTube only at the mo, although I'll try and get some google vids up or something as an alternative), just running through the game, with the occasional bonus update showing the unlockable content (encyclopedia entries). This won't be a perfect run-through, because getting 100% salvage is extremely fiddly at times. I'll also occasionally talk about the setting, and how close/far this is from the original Traitor General story arc (which this game is based on).

Show Us The Vids Already!


Talkin' 'Bout Rogue Trooper: The Bonus Bonus Updates

In which I give you some history behind Rogue Trooper, a rough synopsis of the comic's equally turbulent story, and jibber jabber about differences between the game and the comic.

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

Random Bonuses

Random Bonus 1 - Shitty April Fool's Joke

Random Bonus 2 - See what I have to work with?
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