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Part 14: Of Fish and Pirates

Chapter 12 - Of Fish and Pirates

When last we left off, we were preparing for the beginning of the chain of events that would ultimately lead us to the end of completion.

Before that, though, I've really got to get something said and off of my chest. This has been nagging away at me for such a long time.

I have something terrible for all of you to know. It's something burning deep inside of me that I have to let out with all of my love, my hate, and all of my sorrow...

Actually, no. The reality is that... it's... it is...

I'm a terrible murderer.


Moving on, it was important that we get rid of a party member, and Herman wouldn't leave on his own free will (because he is way too interested in fighting Forneus) so I had to LP kill him. I wanted to get this guy instead.

The Poet is a great party member if you need someone to fill a niche. He's really really good with most weapons though he doesn't excel. He makes a fair Normal Sword user, and gains rather high tech points to use them. I've seen him also proficient with staves.

Now, just ask him to play a song and he will join you.

It's been a while since we were here! Let's go back to the Control Room here...

Select this option. We have no need to visit our lobster friends anymore since we have defeated the Water Dragon.

This selection is now open to us! GO down and prepare for...

That's right! SaGa did it before Final Fantasy 7. Now, what begins is a superbly exciting boring chain of sonar events.

Keep selecting this option as it pops up, and you will eventually find yourself down under...

Katrina: Good, let's go in!!

Welcome to the Sea Palace! Well, welcome to its front door area at least. It takes a small bit of time going through these mostly one-way tunnels to get to the real meat of the area.

This dungeon isn't exceedingly difficult though it can be annoying if you run into Death Fish enemies often which should only happen if your HP is around the 800ish area. The only reason Death Fish enemies are annoying is that they have an innate shield which loves to pop up and reduce the damage you do to the enemy.

In either case, this is a pretty simple path, the only special thing to note is this room right here...

In here you'll have some enemies patrolling this diagonal area. Forne Soldiers and Forne Generals or whatnot will attack you, but they are fairly easy to avoid and not really difficult if this is your last game or even your second gate if you play through the game normally.

Commenting on here as well, the room to the left has a treasure box which I believe contains just money. I don't really remember as I did this late at night the other day and, well, my emulator decided to roll back my save states so on the second trip I kind of just ran right through to the boss. There aren't really that many key treasures in this place.

Just like in Herman's cave, these gargoyles will come to life once you step beyond a certain point. It isn't too hazardous though you are quite liable to be surrounded.

To the right contains your first bit of important treasure, so let's go see what's inside!

Katrina: This is the secret book of the multi magic, Tempest!

Important note here: This is the Power Raise formation. I believe you can get it from Sharl, which is easy enough considering to even get the Silver Hand he will be in your party two times before even coming to this abyss gate, normally.

I've personally never really USED Tempest as it seems like an expel-all from the description. I've used the other three Multi Magic abilities as they kick ass, I guess it's just that I never really -use- Power Raise.

In either case, let's continue back and take the left split this time, and we'll come to this next bit of crossroads.

The room above is a treasure room which has a bunch of enemies in it. Treasure to note was just Sea Tortoise armor. It's useful for the upcoming fight, but I didn't need it. The Sea Tortoise Armor makes you immune to water spells, but Forneus doesn't use Squall that often. Going down leads to the next little gauntlet of enemies before you can get to the end areas.

Here we reach the end of the line. Beyond this door in this room is the Abyss Gate, where you will have a brief moment to walk away if you just suddenly stumbled upon it. Restore your TP and MP with items and your LP as well if you have a ton of wild herb items.



Forneus is special like most Abyss demons. He has a regeneration ability when Water is the key element in the air so it's a pretty simple affair to cast a lot of magic of non water to change it.

He acts twice, rarely three times depending upon the attack. Strangely enough his most deadly moves are not water based, but physical. Trample and Fang Crush or whatever the attack is can kill you outright if you aren't properly equipped to deal with the physical damage.

He also has a fair bit of HP, around the 20000-30000 mark if I remember but I can't really count for sure and I'm much too lazy to hack. In either case, once Forneus has bit the dust you are now free to leave. Head out from the place and let's see what's happened now that one Abyss Gate is down!

Johannes DID say that Byunei was in Mount Taftan did he not? It looks like she's finally decided to mobilize more directly upon Loanne. This is the time in the game where anyone who is not Katrina or Mikhail can enter Loanne freely. Also, you can recruit Julian and Mikhail here as you can enter the palace. Please note though that Mikhail will kick Monica out of the party if she is with you.

Now, another important thing we have to note here! Go to Lance and you'll find out....

Remember Anna talking about something being sealed? Well, it's unlocked now!

The ultimate magic for water is now unlocked! There's a hefty price to pay for casting it, but it is spectacular in its usefulness! I will now go over the entire water magic list, including the basic spell.

Squall - Basic Water Magic. Attack all enemies for weak damage.
Life Water - Restores HP, and is one of the strongest heals in the game as your water magic level rises.
Mystic Water - Cures all status ailments except for petrification.
Water Ball - Not sure about this one. I believe it guards against one attack, but honestly I've never used it.
Sparkling Mist - Handy spell sometimes. It reduces the hit percentage of the enemies if it affects them.
Thunder Clap - A decent area spell early on, does respectable damage and has a chance to stun all enemies. Really good for fast mages.
Quicktime - Infects your system with a bunch of crap, and for a long time it was hard to get rid of. In the end, it allows your party to move before the enemy but the process is so draining and annoying that it takes all of your current MP.

That's it for this update. I'm tallying votes for the next Abyss Gate and so far it looks like Earth is the one people want next. If anyone else has any added input please feel free to post it here regarding where you would like me to go next! The available gates are Earth, Fire, and Wind. I can now complete any of them without a hassle and thus I would like some more participation in this thread.

I mean, I kind of feel like one of those boring professors who drone on and on about a subject, and I don't want to put you guys to sleep.