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Part 3: Department of Errata, Corrections, and Expansions: Part 1 (Chapters 1/2)

Department of Errata, Corrections, and Expansions: Part 1 (Chapters 1/2)

Here's a few things I wanted to add, got wrong, or missed entirely in the first two updates.

Chapter 1:

Testing shows that Bellmaker is right about Crazed, so I edited that appropriately.

While defeating Alberich does gain you the Black Ring, it also means you miss a decent amount of the action in this chapter. A level six Serdic is in no great danger, after all, and most of the forces can't chase you very far.

It's a great deal more hectic if you do it "properly."

First, Ernest's dialogue is different if Alberich is still on the field.

General Ernest! The enemy is coming!

Then waste no time in intercepting them!

But General Alberich's men are already in pursuit...

At this rate, the enemy will escape anyway. We're going to step in and... assist Alberich. Understood? Or would you rather fret over Alberich than obey orders?

N-No, sir.

Then hurry up and attack!

Yes, Sir!

Then this happens:

Alberich has nine move.

If you'll remember, there's a one-space area between trees near the exit to stage 1. Kay nearly died (he got countered and swarmed by a group I expected to kill), so Margus and Kay huddled in one those tree alleyways. Hey, only Serdic has to get to the exit, right?

This is why you don't rush. Alberich won't come after you until you trip Ernest's ambush, so you can afford to play a little more cautiously. I rushed Serdic pell-mell as far forward as I could every single turn, and, well... Look at how quickly Serdic's HP dropped between these screens. Those were each one turn.

On the plus side, this happened!

Complete Victory is the highest rank possible.

Alchemiracles are 80% HP healing items.

Next, during the two scenes with the real Serdic -- talking with Mephreyu, sending ??? to the funeral, ??? finding him and Serdic giving him his last orders -- this song plays. It's not the most complex song, but it's probably the only one really worth mentioning so far.

I've expanded the stage directions during that scene, so reread it if you're curious.

Chapter 2:

Kay has no conversation with Selmer. Margus, however, does. I'll be adding this to that update proper in a moment, but here it is for your reading convenience:

My, my, what a cute young lady...


Note the new expression, then forget it exists. It's better that way.

Ummm, I'm a boy.

You--I--Wha--a BOY!?

...You don't have to act THAT shocked...

Sorry... I need to be alone now.


Of all the... Is my judgment that off nowadays?