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Part 1: Collectibles Ep. I

Episode I - Collectibles Post (Chps. I & II)

Welcome to the first collectibles post. Below are the items Marius picked up as he made his way through the first two chapters of the game as featured in episode 1 of this LP. After each episode, rather than either wasting my time in the menus showing off the unlocked items or creating a separate video, I've simply ripped the sources files from the game to show them off in their own post. I'll be doing this for each chapter of the game a short time after each episode is posted. Items to be shown here include Chronicles, Scrolls, and Vistas.

Chronicles are a comic series pertaining to each chapter. You unlock pages each time you collect one in each chapter. They offer a side-story to each chapter which plays directly into the plot and better explains a lot of the ambiguity you get from a straight play-through. I really encourage every to first watch the episodes and then read the chronicles as there can be cases of spoilers. Usually though, the Chronicles tend to be eye-opening in terms of plot and are actually very well done in my opinion.

Scrolls are basically Ryse's answer to the classic Dog Tag collectible. Funnily enough, the developers referred to these internally as "Dog Tags." Scrolls, as you saw in game, were found on specific dead bodies scattered throughout chapters. Unlike most other games that would reward you for thorough Dog Tag collection with a warm and fuzzy feeling for 100%ing the game, Scrolls give you a bit of what I assume to be concept artwork with a personal note attached. Sometimes they'll play into the plot with a bit of clarification or maybe even a little foreshadowing. I really like that they spruced this type of collectable up and actually made going out of my to collect it worth my time. I didn't use the ripped source files for Scrolls because it actually renders quite well in-game so enjoy some nice screenshots.

Vistas, found on shields in-game, are just concept art for Ryse that Crytek threw in as a bonus. They're pretty neat and hey, they make nice desktop wallpapers!


Ryse: Son of Rome Chronicles - Chapter I

Ryse: Son of Rome Chronicles - Chapter II


Scrolls - Chapter I

Scrolls - Chapter II


Vistas - Chapter I

Vistas - Chapter II

No Music?

So there's also a menu for unlocked music to listen to notable tracks played within the chapter, however I think Crytek wouldn't be too happy with me posting what is basically the official soundtrack to the game (I kinda feel like I'm already pushing it with the Chronicles as is...). For anyone really interested in that sort of thing, a simple search on Youtube should do it I bet. As it really doesn't add much to the LP, I won't be including any links here or in subsequent collectibles posts. Fun Fact: These unlockable tracks aren't the actual ones used in game. To clarify, the "music" is, but these specific ogg files are set aside in a separate folder and labeled as if part of an actual OST.