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Part 6: Collectibles Eps. VI & VII

Collectibles Episodes VI & VII

ChapterVII - Chronicles
Chapter VII - Scrolls
Chapter VII - Vistas

This time around we get a -very- revealing comic which tells that all Boudica had to do was cut off two Roman heads to unite every tribe from Britain to North Africa against Rome. Diplomacy didn't take much back then apparently. All this while Marius walked back on the great Roman road we all know as "Via Budget-Cuts." The scrolls don't reveal much of anything this time around. Apparently even Crytek got tired and just reiterated the plot rather than expanding it like they did in previous chapters. The Vistas are always refreshing though. Despite this LP essentially being a sinking ship (my fault entirely) kept afloat by a very small, but dedicated audience, I'll risk running it further into the ground by reiterating for the umpteenth time: Its kept afloat by the art. Seriously Crytek. You guys make a pretty game.

Welp, onward to the finale. Its hit a speedbump or two, but all the source material is ready for it to be compiled and encoded. I'm outright making a promise it will be ready by Saturday. If not, have Geop ban me.