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Part 7: Collectibles Ep. VIII

Chapter VIII Collectibles

Chp. VIII - Chronicles
Chp. VIII - Vistas
Chp. VIII - Scrolls

So here we are. Our last collectibles post. I don't know what to say about our last chronicle... Whether its salt in the wound for a bad plot or actually revealing... I dunno. Up to you. The scrolls are neat in that apparently Rome was in a state of revolution while also under siege? Dunno how that would actually play out in a real world scenario. And I'm actually disappointed in the Vistas this time around. To be fair though, the finale is a rehash of the first chapter of the game anyway.

And while I'm here, may I direct everybody to Yahtzee's review of the game. Its everything we said, condensed down to 5min of British ex-pat speed talk and its fucking wonderful. Whats even more fun is that he reviewed the Xbone version so, you get to see just how much worse it was on console.