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Part 13: Bonus Video 2: Romancing Hinakiku

From Chapter 5 on Kiryuu can visit the pleasure houses of Gion and attempt to romance some of the yuujo. If you've played any Yakuza game right back to the first one you'll be familiar with this system because it's identical to the hostess club mechanic from the main series. There are 7 yuujo in two different shops that we can visit, with differing costs based on their ranks. Like the sidequests and training, all 7 encounters have to be completed to unlock the secret boss and get 100% completion.

This first encounter will be in video, but the other 6 will all be in screenshot form later on since, to be honest, there's not much difference between them and there's a lot of reading. I'll also be showing off a mix of correct and incorrect responses in future encounters.

Once Kiryuu has successfully romanced his first yuujo, he'll probably head back to the Tatsuya.

This guy will have appeared by the gates and will stay there until we talk to him.

Hey, you look like you've been with a yuujo or two.

Who're you?

If you help me out a little there might be some money in it for you.

We can listen to what he has to say, or we can tell him to piss off. As usual, we may as well hear him out.

I'm listening.

Great! Alright, look. I came to Gion to get a little yuujo action myself, but there are just so many shops you know? And so many girls to choose from! I just can't decide what's gonna be right for me. Besides that, my funds are kinda limited, so I can't afford to just look around till I find what I like. But I don't want to run out of cash and get kicked out before I've seen what Gion has to offer.

Then I got an idea. I'm gonna make a guide book about the different shops around here for guys like me who show up without a lotta money, you know? And not just for the new guys, either. Even people who hang out here every day of the week still need to know about the new girls when they come in. If there was a book like I'm thinking of then everyone coming to Gion could have a good time!

So whaddya think? That'd be a smash hit, right?

Sure. But what do you need from me?

Easy! I want you to tell me all about the yuujo you've visited. Then I'll write up all the information you give me and stick it in the book. We'll split the profits, of course. Just do your best to give me good info, okay? If the book is all wrong it won't make much money.

Makes sense.

Yeah, so let's get down to business.... You met Hinakiku of the Azamiya, right? Tell me about her.

This is a second chance to back out, presumably so you can go save your game or something if you don't know the answers.


He'll ask us four questions about Hinakiku and you have three choices. The correct answer is in spoiler tags in case you want to play along.

Okay, first question: What does she practice every morning?

1. playing the shamisen
2. jujitsu
3. dancing

She practices dancing.

Oh yeah?

Alright, next question: When you're with Hinakiku and she asks you what you like about her, what should you say?

1. Her maturity and sex appeal
2. Her childlike youth
3. That she looks like a kid, but she's very intelligent

Compliment her on her maturity and sex appeal.

I see. You really did a good job of reading her.

Next question: They say she has an older sister working at the Yumejiya. Do you know who the sister is?

1. Kinuya
2. Suzukaze
3. Momochika

Oops! We never actually found that out. Fortunately, I've played this before (and also read the wiki) so the answer is:



Okay, last question: So I heard Hinakiku's mother was also a yuujo. Did you catch her name too?

1. Kotokiku
2. Harukiku
3. Tamakiku

Sure, it's Kotokiku.

I hope the daughter becomes as famous as the mother. Well, that's all my questions about Hinakiku. I'm gonna go get this down on paper, so next time you see me give me a shout. I'm sure we're gonna make lots of money.

This just means we need to leave the screen, such as entering the nearby Tatsuya, and come back.

Five seconds later....

Hey there! I sold that book with the info you gave me.

It was a smash! Those things sold like hotcakes, and it's all 'cause of the great stuff you told me. You've gotta be the number one playboy of Gion, I tell ya!

Received 1 ryou

Come see me when you have more info.

No experience yet because this sidequest isn't finished. We have to tell him about all 7 girls after we've met each one. I don't know if your answers have to be correct to mark the quest as "complete" but you get a lot less money if you get some wrong. All told, we actually made a small profit off of visiting Hinakiku since her fees are really low and we got all the right conversation answers. That definitely won't be a trend, but this guide book stuff does help defray the costs at least.

Next time we're beginning Chapter 6.