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Part 32: More sidequests

Let's take a break from sidequests now and pick up some bounties.

The first is [Futaba Tatsu] and he [robbed a blind masseuse]. It also says that if Kiryuu can recover the money he stole he can take a cut, but that it's already been divvied up between his followers. He appears on [Rakugai's Nagaya Street only when he can sense his opponent's weakness].

That last is code for having a flashing red health bar, so we've got to let some bandits beat us up or else eat worms until Kiryuu starts staggering around.

At that point the target appears on Nagaya and accosts us.

You look pretty hurt, friend. You need some help? It'll cost you just 10 ryou.

No thanks.

You don't think I can take you?

It doesn't matter. I don't need your help.

It'd really be better for you if you pay up now. If you don't have the cash that sword'll do just fine.

Back off.

You're in no condition to fight back. Come on out, boys!

What do you say now, eh? Still feeling brave?


Something funny?

You're nothing but a bunch of losers. If you want to die then come on and fight!

Eh? You're gonna regret that! Get him!

(The notice said that Tatsu had given the money to his men. I need to collect it before I take him down!)

What that means is we have to pummel his men until they drop their coin purses if we want the extra reward. The fight ends when Tatsu goes down, so save him for last if you can.

Tatsu uses a bow and is incredibly weak and cowardly. There's also nothing stopping you from healing once the fight begins, but the battle is easy enough that it's not really necessary.

(I recovered all the money.)

Yes, that's [Futaba Tatsu] alright. And you got all the money back too. Excellent work! Thank you for your help. As promised, here is double the reward.

Received [2 ryou].

And this is an extra reward for all your hard work.

Received [Rage Talisman].

Got 1500 Experience Points

The next bounty is actually one we acquired in Chapter 8, but the first opportunity to catch him is during nighttime in this chapter.

In the center of Kawaramachi we can find Matsu the Particular. As soon as we try to speak to him he falls to the ground.


I think my arm is broken.... Oh, curse my rotten luck!

Are you okay?

Huh? It's all your fault for being such a big damn tree!


You need to take responsibility for what you've done to me!

I don't know what you're getting at but you've hardly got a life-threatening injury. Let it go.

What did you say to me? You owe me for this! I'd say that sword of yours looks like a fair payment. Yeah, that's what I want. Give it to me.

(Hm? Wait, didn't I see this guy on the wanted board? What was his name again?)

We have to choose the correct one from three options here.

You're [Matsu the Particular], aren't you? I saw your face at the police box.

Yeah? So what?

There's a big reward for bringing you in alive. So be a big boy and come with me to the magistrate.

(If I'm not careful with my sword I won't be able to take him in one piece. I need to watch my attacks.)

Fool! Why would I want to do that? I'm a great swordsman, so get ready to feel my blade!

(Good. I managed to take him alive.)

Yes, that's [Matsu the Particular] alright. And you got him alive as well. Thank you for your assistance. Please accept this reward.

Received [2 ryou].

And this is an additional gift for your hard work.

Received [Star Steel Tales].

Another crafting book.

Got 1500 Experience Points
That makes two down, but there are still three left to go.

This guy is [Kahatare Donbei] and he apparently [killed his own lord]. Once again there's a reward for taking him alive and he hangs out on the [Mountain Road in the daytime]. I have no idea what "kahatare" means, and it's not written in kanji so your guess is as good as mine.

There he is on the left, looking out over the valley.

Are you Donbei?

Yeah. What's it to you?

You're a wanted man. I saw your face at the police box.

I know. It says I killed my master, right? Anything else posted up there about me?

It also says there's an extra reward to take you in alive. I guess they want to execute you back home if possible. So what are you going to do?

I wonder who decided that. But I'm not about to let myself be executed. I'm a warrior, and I expect to die in battle.

Why did you do it?

My lord was angry and struck first. I tried to avoid the attack, but I lashed out instinctively and cut his throat. The castle was in an uproar and I fled as quickly as I could. The next thing I knew I was here. So what could I have done? Should I have just let myself be killed?

.... You were in a tough position. I can't imagine what I would have done in your place.

Hmm... I have an idea. You look like a strong warrior. Let's fight here and now. It will give me the chance I want to die in battle.

You won't let yourself be taken alive?

No way. I've come too far to give up now. Whether I live or die should be up to my blade to decide. Come now. Let's face each other as warriors!

Donbei wields a greatsword, and does so with considerably more speed and finesse than Kiryuu can muster. It can be hard to finish him with a non-lethal attack sometimes just because his guard is so difficult to break and he doesn't let himself get thrown. The best method seems to be to use your own greatsword against him until he has just a sliver of health left, then just give him standing kicks over and over until he finally goes down.

(At least I managed to take him alive.)

Yes, that's definitely [Kahatare Donbei]. Excellent work! Please accept this reward for your effort.

Received [2 ryou].

And here's the extra payment for keeping him alive.

Received [Red Lion Hair].

This was one of the required ingredients for the kodachi we made at the start of the update.

Got 1500 Experience Points

This is [Oni-killer Tetsuto]. Kiryuu notices that he looks kind of feminine. He's a simple [murderer] and can be found along the [Riverside Road at night].

There he is.

The first one to speak with us is his partner.

Don't deal with the merchandise directly, buddy! So how 'bout it? You looking for a warm way to spend a cold evening?

What the hell are you talking about?

Oh, an innocent! I'm askin' if you want to spend the night with this pretty young thing here. We're having a special sale just today.

Why are you pitching your sale in a place like this?

Huh? Because we don't want too much of a stampede when people hear about the great deal we're running!

A lot of criminals hang out in places like this one these days. You know that, right?

Oh? Oh, yes, so I've heard. It's quite dangerous to be out here, isn't it? But if you're with me I'm sure there won't be anything to worry about. Won't you be a sweetheart and take me home tonight?

Your voice is a little low for a lady. You wouldn't happen to be the fugitive [Oni-killer Tetsuto], would you?


You may have been able to trick the other suckers around here, but you won't pull me in that easily.

Damn! You just had to call him over!


And he's a tough-lookin' one too. It's gonna be a pain in the ass to kill him!


What are you talking about?

Huh? Weren't you listening? I'm gonna kill you! Get it?

It's a little hard to take your threats seriously when you're dressed like that.

Yeah, well laugh it up while you can. This getup brings in the marks like magic. Once they take off their swords I've got 'em right where I want and there's nothing they can do. No one can take me in a fist fight!

Uh huh. And what about me? I'm not putting down my swords.

Heh. They don't call me "Oni-killer" for nothing!

Another greatsword fight, only this guy has a ton of henchmen as well. On the other hand, there's no need to use a non-lethal finisher.

Yes, that's [Oni-killer Tetsuto] for sure. Thank you for your help. Here's the reward.

Received [1 ryou].

And here's something additional for all your hard work.

Received [White Lion Hair].

This too went into our sword crafting, but we already had one from the lockers.

Got 1500 Experience Points

Just one left to go now.

This is [Kenza the Grifter]. He apparently [is the leader of an investment fraud ring] and bases his operations [on the Mountain Road].

He hangs out by that little bridge near the entrance to the waterfall area.

You're Kenza, aren't you?

Sure am.

Your face is on the wanted boards in town. You ready to come quietly?

Huh? What are you talking about? That can't really be me up there. I can't imagine what I could have done wrong.

What? You telling me this isn't you?

...No, no way that's my face. You can definitely tell the difference. I can't trust that you really have the right person just from this. You're probably just looking for someone with a similar name and about the same age. I know you get a bounty for bringing these guys in, so I can't just take your word for anything, but if you can find a witness to identify me in person I'll cop to the charges.

That sign is really suspicious. Maybe it's not you, but someone might be trying to set me up. Tell the investigator that he's going to need more proof than that to bring me in. It will need to be evidence that proves my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a grievous miscarriage of justice, sending someone to harrass an innocent man, and I for one insist on....

Fine! I got it. You say you're not the man in the picture.

Yes! Exactly! You'll need more evidence to convict me. This won't stand up in any....

Ugh. Then I'll be back with some proof.

Ah ah ah! It must be evidence that proves my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

I get it already! Wait here!

So back we run to the investigator's box.

Doesn't he ever finish that bowl of noodles?

Ah, hello there. You getting used to the job yet?

Yeah, but I have a question. Do you now what [Kenza the Grifter] looks like?

Course I do! Why, he giving you some trouble?

I tracked him down, but he claims he's not the man in the picture. He's also kind of a pain in the ass.

So you want me to come with you and identify him? I could do that, but if I go this time then pretty soon every thug is going to claim there was a mistake and before I know it I'll be running all over confirming every single arrest.

I see your point.

Hmm, what can you do...? I know! There's someone who can give you an ID for sure!


His mother!

Makes sense. Where is she?

She's a farmer, so I suppose she'd be wherever the fields are. Why don't you go and take a look?

Obviously that means she's in the newly-opened Country Road region, so that's where we're headed next.

An old woman spawns near the stables once we've spoken to the investigator.

Are you [Kenza the Grifter]'s mother?

Is that what he's calling himself these days? What a foolish boy! What's he done this time?


Fade to black while Kiryuu recounts the tale.

That son of mine! I'm sure from what you've told me that it's him.

So will you come with me to confirm in person?

Yes. But please promise me something first.

What is it?

Are you planning to kill my son?

That depends on him.

Don't. He may be a fool but he's still my son. Promise me you won't use your sword against him.

We can actually opt to decline, but she obviously won't come and make the ID in that case.

Alright, I promise.

You've given your word as a swordsman and I expect you to keep it. Now, show me where he is.

Hey! Kenza! I've found that evidence you wanted.


So what do you say?

Well, my name is Kenza and you're right that this is my mother. But that doesn't prove that I'm this "Grifter" you say I am. Do you have any proof of that?

Oh you pig-headed, stupid boy! You're no smarter than the day you were born! I don't want to hear about you pulling ridiculous stunts like this one ever again!

M-Mother! Why are you talking to me like that? What have I done?

Shut up and drop the act! I'm sick of this! You did wrong, and you know it, don't you?

.....yes, ma'am.

Then that's settled. Are you ready to go visit the magistrate? I promise I won't hurt you.

But a gang of henchmen suddenly appears!

Huh? Kenza? What's going on?

Just in time! This guy is trying to collect the bounty on me.

Who are you?

Who's the old hag? It okay if I shut her up, boss?

No, she's too important so I don't want her hurt.

Whatever. So just kill the guy then?


....... I promised your mother I wouldn't kill you. But that doesn't mean I won't come close!

Let's get him!

Because of Kiryuu's promise to the old lady we're locked into hand-to-hand style against the whole gang. It's not a very tough fight, even though it feels like the enemies never stop coming.

My son is such a fool, hanging around a crowd like those scoundrels.

He's still alive. I kept my promise.

I know it must have been difficult. Thank you.

She turns to Kenza, still crumpled on the ground.

Get up, lazybones! I hope the officials take pity on you for being such a fool!

She takes her leave and Kiryuu summons the official.

Yes, that's [Kenza the Grifter] for sure. Thank you for your help. Here, please accept your reward.

Received [1 ryou].

Got 1500 Experience Points

All that running around, a long-ass unarmed battle, and we get the poorest reward since Chapter 6.

There are still lots of other sidequests available, but that's enough for this update. Next time we'll finish them off.