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Part 44: CHAPTER 11: The Truth - [Part I]

This is the big reveal. Well, one of them, anyway. It's wall-to-wall cutscenes, so no commentary this time.

Some historical notes:

The hostage system described in the video was a real practice in feudal Japan. In order to head off possible betrayals by his vassals, the ruler would often require his retainers to give up one or more of their children for adoption by rival houses, or by his own. In the Edo Period, one of the means the real-life Tokugawas used to maintain control was to require all other lords to leave their wives and children in Edo (Tokyo) year-round. But the lords themselves and all their followers would spend nine months of the year in their home provinces. This had two purposes: first, the obvious leverage the shogun would have with the power of life and death over the lord's entire family; second, making the entire round-trip pilgrimage every year, across the country, with huge numbers of servants, sub-retainers and staff, as required by law, kept most of the lords close to bankruptcy and unable to mount any significant opposition even if they were so inclined. The system worked so well that the Tokugawa Clan ruled Japan for two and a half centuries and were only overthrown when the country was forced to open to the outside world.

Nijou Castle is also, of course, a real place and popular tourist attraction in Kyoto. At 275,000 square meters the grounds are over twice the size of Kiyomizudera's. The keep was built as the Kyoto residence of the Tokugawa shoguns, with construction beginning in 1601 and continuing for several decades. One of Ieyasu's first acts after consolidating power was to order all western lords who had opposed him to dismantle their castle walls, while fortifying the defenses of his own keeps. Often, as in the case of Nijou Castle, using the very same stones to do so. The name, as you may have guessed, literally means "Second Avenue Castle".

Photography is not generally allowed inside, so here are some pictures from the internet:

Let's get cracking on the last side activites. There is an unusually high concentration of supplemental videos in this part today, and a couple of the quests have special cutscenes that aren't covered in screenshots, so you should be sure to check those videos out.

There are four regular quests left, all available now, and two bounties, one of which can only be completed in Chapter 12. However, I'll be including it in this update.

Our first stop is the Yoshioka Dojo entrance.

The same old woman we met in Chapter 10 is apparently in a bad way again.

Are you not feeling well again?


I think.... if I have an egg.... I'll feel better....

Alright. I'll bring you one.

Of course it's off to the Country Road once again.

Sorry, but would you mind giving me another egg?

What, you need one for a sick old man this time?

No, I....

I don't mind, but I can't keep giving them away for free. Eggs are pretty valuable, you know. Let's say 500 mon for one.

You can haggle a few times and pay him 100, I think. I didn't want to push my luck and just tried once, buying the egg for 250.

Here you go.

Received [Boiled Egg].

But the old lady doesn't seem so sick when we return.

(Huh? She looks healthy to me. Did she recover?)

Ha ha ha!

Then she notices Kiryuu....


....and doubles over once more.

W-What happened, granny? Are you alright?

....egg.... I need.... an egg....

What? An egg? Hey, perfect timing, young man! Could you give that egg you're carrying to this old lady?

Three choices:

1. Give it
2. Don't give it
3. Are you really sick?

Are you really sick?

Huh? How can you be so cruel to a woman who's obviously ill!?

Hmm. When she sent me to get her an egg before she certainly seemed sick. But I just saw you talking with her and she was getting along fine.

When I met her she seemed alright.

Right. I got this for her because she was in trouble, but that was before you met her. Then just a second ago she seemed perfectly healthy. Don't you think that's strange?

I was pretty shocked when she doubled over so suddenly.... Is this true, granny?

........yes. I'm fine. I just wanted an egg.

What!? You faked an illness just for some free food!? I was worried! Ugh, I'm going home.

I'm sorry I lied to you. You may not believe it, but the first time I really was sick. But after eating the egg I felt so much better. Please believe me. I.... *cough* Ah!


What's wrong?

(She's gone pale and she's sweating. This is different from earlier. I think she's really sick.)

The dialogue ends here and we're free to just walk away and leave her. Of course, that won't complete the sidequest.

Here you go, granny.

Gave [Boiled Egg].

Is it.... an egg?

*munch* *munch*


How do you feel?

I feel.... Wow, eggs are a miracle food!

Was this game sponsored by the Egg Council or something?

I don't think I'll be dying anytime soon. Thank you for helping me, even though I lied to you. Please take this.

Received [Ninigi Ball].

Crafting, as usual.

The egg was delicious. I'm glad I could meet such a kind young man as you. I'll never forget you as long as I live.

Got 1500 Experience Points

That was easy. We didn't even need to run across town.

We haven't visited Gyoutensai in awhile. Let's see what he's up to.

Upon entering we see him arguing with a state official.

How can you just show up here out of nowhere and demand I give up my work!?

You've been causing a disturbance. Your neighbors are complaining. Honestly, I don't know what you've been getting up to around here, but you can't bring junk like this into Gion.

Junk? Junk!?

When this machine is finished you'll see what it can do! You won't believe what it's capable of!

Be that as it may, if you don't cease your activities immediately I'll be forced to throw you out.

The official takes his leave.

He's the most stubborn....

Oh, it's you. What do you think?

About what?

About my invention. If man could soar through the sky, that would really be something, wouldn't it?

You mean.... fly? That would be incredible.

Yes, precisely! I knew you would understand. Well, I just happen to be constructing a flying machine myself.

Can you really do that?

Absolutely. At least, I could if I had the proper components. If you could find them for me would you bring them here?

Are you sure? If you keep working on it you could wind up in jail.

If I don't build it somebody else will. No one can hold back progress forever. As long as I can make a contribution to this country's future I'll know my life has been worthwhile.

If that's what you want. Alright, I'll help you out.

Thank you.

What do you need me to find?

I need something to serve as the frame. Without that there's no way to even begin work. I need something [long, thin, sturdy and made of wood].

Where am I going to find something like that?

I spotted something earlier that I think might work. I believe it was.... Yes! I saw it where the farmers were at work.

Alright, I'll take a look.

Obviously, that means the Country Road.

A rake! That's.... shiny, for some reason.

Gyoutensai's happy and sets it in the corner. So what exactly had he already built that the official was threatening to throw out? It looks like all he's got is a farm tool and a candle.

Excellent. Next I need [a bundle of thin sticks, all of equal size].

And where could I find that?

You might try Rakugai. Various bits of junk are often left lying around there

If we run right past the blacksmith, something catches Kiryuu's eye.

Why, it's a majestically sparkling bundle of bamboo rods!

That frame is coming along nicely at last.

Lastly, I need something to act as wings. A [large sheet of paper] might do.

Well hell, we've got that! Back in Chapter 7 Kiryuu saved an artist and his daughter from a rich old lecher and got some high quality paper as a reward. It's been sitting in our Plot Items list ever since.

That's it! It's ready!

Will this thing really fly?

It should. We should test it out first. Would you do the honors?

We have the opportunity to refuse, but Kiryuu's nothing if not a daredevil. Can't be any more dangerous than getting into roughly two thousand sword fights.

Okay, I'll do it.

Wonderful! Then let's go.


We'll need a place with strong winds. Somewhere high in the mountains. Hmm.... How about the [Cliffside Road]? You go on ahead and I'll meet you there later.


Oh, I almost forgot! It would be too dangerous to attempt in poor light, so be sure to come during daytime.

So we make our own way over there.

On the way, Kiryuu spies some travelers yelling down into the ravine.

What's going on

A boy tripped and fell over the side!

Is he okay?

He managed to grab a branch, but there's no way for him to climb up. We can't reach him!

(If he's down there then someone needs to help him quick.)

He won't be able to hold on much longer. What are we going to do?

Hey, couldn't we use your flying machine to rescue him?

You're right! That's the only way to get to him. Come, follow me!

There should be enough wind here. This is your best chance. Please save that boy!

But how do I fly it?

Catch the wind whipping through the ravine to lift yourself. It's better if you don't think too hard about it. Shift with your body and try to reach the boy's level.

(You should probably watch this.)

Thank goodness you're safe.

If the two of you hadn't shown up he would have fallen for sure. How can we ever repay you?

No, no. It's enough to know that my invention was a success.

Well, we'd better be heading back to Gion.

Be safe.

Thanks, mister!

And we're left on our own. To finish this quest we have to return to Gyoutensai's shop in Gion.

Ah, it's you! My life-long dream has come true, and it's all thanks to you.

You really pulled it off. Now I guess you can retire.

What? Nonsense! I still have quite a few ideas left in me.

[VOICE OFFSCREEN]: Just as I suspected. You won't give up your inventions, will you? Even if you risk arrest.

It's you. Well, you're right. If you're going to arrest me, just do it and get it over with already. I don't have any regrets about what I've done.

Are you sure?

I haven't come to arrest you.

What? Then why are you here?

I came to say.... thank you.

Eh? What did I do to deserve your thanks?

The boy your rescued today with your flying machine was the son of a high official. The family had been in the middle of a trip when he snuck away and tumbled off the cliff.


That is why I wish to express my gratitude to you. The young master has forgotten all about his near death experience. Instead all he can talk about is how he wants to fly like a bird.

Ho ho! Is that right?

Now the boy says he wants to travel the world and see all it has to offer. His father hopes he will give up such childish notions soon.

Curiosity is what brings hope for the future. Be thankful the boy has it.

That's right. One needs to face it unafriad if he hopes to see a brighter tomorrow.

Listen to this man, who flew fearlessly through the sky this very afternoon.

You're right. Your actions today have inspired me.

Perhaps I was wrong about you.

Looks like everything worked out.

Yes, in no small part thanks to you. Now.... which invention shall I put to the test next?

Got 10000 Experience Points

Alright, getting close now. Next we're off to the Riverside Tea House.

Huh? What's that?

(It's a baby? But why would someone leave it here?)

Hey! You borrow some money from us?


Shit, I'm no good at the talking part.


What's the matter?

That's just a baby!

What the hell's a baby doing in a place like this?

The boss didn't say nothin' about this.

C'mon, let's get outta here.

Count yourself lucky today.

Um, excuse me.

What is it?

Are you the child's father?


Oh, I see.... A little while ago I saw a woman leave this baby here. She must have been his mother. I've been keeping an eye out, waiting for her to come back, but it's been quite awhile. I"m getting worried. Um, would you mind trying to find her for me? I can't leave the baby alone.

Alright. Wait here.

Thank you! The woman was wearing a light green kimono. Please find her.

That's not really a lot to go on, but fortunately we don't have to look too far.

In fact, there's an old man hanging out at the entrance to the Riverside Road.

Oh, you've come just in time!

There's a woman drowning out there, but I can't swim! Please save her!

Okay, I'll take care of it.



*wheeze* I'm sorry.... I'm so sorry....


The baby at the tea house is really mine.

So you're the mother. Why did you leave him there?

When he was first born I was so happy. But his father died soon after and I didn't have enough money to survive. I borrowed some money from some loan sharks in town, but the interest was so high I couldn't pay. It wasn't long before my debt had spiraled out of control. I thought I had no choice but to take both our lives.

But.... I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill my own child.

So you left him behind.

Yes. I was watching from the shadows when you and that kind young woman were talking. I thought my child would be in good hands. Oh, if only I didn't have so much debt....

Where are the men who lent you the money now?

Eh? Um, they're in Rakugai, right next to the blacksmith.

I'll talk to them. You go and take care of your son.


Well, Kiryuu didn't strap on that fancy sword today for nothing.

Back in town....

(This looks like the place.)

Welcome. You having some problems we can help with?

So you're the crooked money-lender.

Huh? Who the hell are you?

Did you give a loan to a woman with a baby, near the tea house?

Yeah, 1 ryou, and she never paid back a single coin. With all that compound interest she's in deep for 1000 ryou by now. Hey, since you're her pal you wanna pony up instead?

We actually have the option of paying. Since I've never had that much money I have no idea what happens, but that would be a pretty stupid waste anyway.

You must be joking. How can 1 ryou turn into 1000 so quickly?

Huh? What's some dirty ronin like you doing trying to tell us how to run our business? It's time to teach you some manners!

Two unarmed men aren't much of a challenge, but I'm using the [Sakurafubuki], or "Flurry of Cherry Blossoms". This sword actually shows up as a special, very expensive weapon in Yakuza 3 with a similar graphical effect. It's probably the flashiest one out there, trailing cherry blossms with every movement, so check out the video if you want to see it in action.

Ow! Please, let me go! Look, I've been going over the numbers and, uh, I think she's paid enough.... We'll take the lady off the books, okay?

Glad to hear it. Ready to put that in writing?

Eh? Oh, sure! J-Just a second.

Received [Canceled Contract].

(I should bring this to the woman and her baby.)

And so we shall.

Oh! You're back! I'm so glad you're safe.


Handed over [Canceled Contract].

T-This is....

Your debt is wiped clean.

I can't belive it! Thank you so much. I wish I had some way to reward you.

That isn't necessary. Just take good care of that baby.

I will. Sir, why don't you decide on a name for him? I want him to have a name to be proud of, chosen by a man who goes out of his way to help others. Please.

Alright. Hmm....

We get to choose the first kanji for his name from 3 options, then a suffix from 3 other options. It has no effect on anything.

I chose the kanji for "good" for the first, with "nosuke" as the ending, after Kiryuu.


Ryounosuke! What a wonderful name. From now on we'll have a good life together - I'm sure of it. Please, accept this for your trouble.

Received [Traveler's God Stone].

This is a pretty key crafting item, and this sidequest is pretty much the only way to get it in the game. It's supposedly possible to win one from the final tournament at the Houzouin, but I've never gotten it that way.

Got 1500 Experience Points

Now for the only bounty of Chapter 11.

This is [Whirlwind Nobitaka], and he was apparently a serial killer in Edo. Sightings of a suspicious man matching his description have been reported on the Cliffside Road. Kiryuu thinks he looks especially dangerous.

He's hanging out just by the entrance to Sanjuusangendou.

Hey, there's supposed to be a suspicious-looking man walking this road. Have you seen anybody like that?

Hmm... Nope, can't say I have. If I had I wouldn't still be hanging around.

Where are you from?

Edo. Now that the Tokugawas are in power it's the place to be. You should really go and check it out sometime.

Maybe I will.

Using the Sakurafubuki again for this one. It's just too pretty to toss aside already.

Ah.... so you managed to defeat me. Nobody in Edo could say the same. You should be proud.

You're a monster.

Heh. You're a swordsman too. You know how it feels. We live to kill. But living in a world without war.... like this one now.... is like going without air. Don't you feel it?


Ugh.... Nothing to say? You don't need to speak. I know. We're the same, you and I. I'll be waiting for you.... in hell.

Yes, that's definitely Nobitaka. Thank you for your help. Please accept your reward.

Received [1 ryou].

Received [Twin Dragon Manual].

Got 1500 Experience Points

Before we get going on the last bit, let's put that manual we just got to use and visit the blacksmith one last time.

This is the [Twin Dragon Tachi], made from yet another [Nameless Katana], with a [Dragon Fang], a [Dragon Rage], and 23 ryou to get it to max level.

This is the [Twin Dragon Kodachi], made from a [Nameless Kodachi], [Dragon Whiskers], [Dragon Entrails], and 14 ryou to reach max level.

Let's try them on.

There we are. This is the best craftable set in the game. We've already collected the best tachi, but it doesn't have a mate yet so these will tide us over until it does.

Now for the final sidequest.

There's no way to miss this one as long as we take the Forest Road.

Kiryuu stumbles across some bandits near the southern end.

I think we're in the clear now.

Hey! Seizan! What're you doing back there? Hurry up!


Tch. Dumbass.

Heh heh. We got a good haul this time. Huh? What's this old sword? Looks like a piece of junk! Here Seizan, this is your share.

Eh? But I want some good stuff too!

Shut it! Don't be greedy. That's plenty for you.

Huh? Who's that?

Uh-oh, looks like Kiryuu's been spotted blatantly eavesdropping on the conversation from the middle of an empty road not five feet away. Who'd have seen that coming?

Well, if he's seen us we've gotta take care of him.

Seizan, go hide somewhere so you don't get in the way.

Oh... Okay.

Let's get him!

Not a tough fight, but I strapped on the [Kachoufuugetsu] - aka "Beauty of Nature" - as our sword for this so click the link if you want to see it in action. It has a similar effect to the Sakurafubuki, but with different sparklies.

(You should probably watch this.)

So with that done it's not clear what the next step should be.

Well, it's likely to trigger the next time you're in Gion.

Seizan is just coming out of the Yumejiya as Kiryuu goes by.

Please come and visit us again soon, Sensei.

Yeah, you know it!

(Isn't that the bandit I saw on the Forest Road earlier?)

Hey, thanks for treating us.

Wait, didn't Kiryuu kill that guy?

Nah, don't mention it.

You've sure been on a lucky streak lately.

Ha! It's all thanks to that katana. When a guy who knows how to use it like me is around it gets everyone's knees wobbling. They just start throwing money at me.

I've got so much I thought we should spend it in Gion - see what it's like having everyone call you "sensei" for a change. It's like a dream come true.

Damn right! But you should be careful.

Huh? Why?

I know you're on top of the world right now, but you gotta remember somethin'. No matter what they call you in here, as soon as you step outside Gion you're just a no-name bandit again, you know?


Sooner or later....

Quiet! Don't stand there and lecture me!

I'm just trying to look out for you.

Shut up! Shut up! I treated you today so I don't want to hear any complaints.

Don't get all red in the face. If you're gonna be like that maybe we don't wanna drink with you anymore. We're outta here.

*sigh* But.... he's right. They call me "sensei" here, but out there I'm nothing.

Wait a second! If I become a real swordsman no one will ever laugh at me again! I'll just use this sword and fight that Miyamoto Musashi. Easy! I'll wait for him on the Mountain Road.

But it'll have to be daytime. I'm scared of the dark.

Well, armed with that information it should be clear what we have to do.

The exact location is the only hut in the area.

Seizan comes running as soon as he spots Kiryuu.

Hold it right there, Miyamoto Musashi.

Aren't you one of those bandits I saw on the Forest Road? What do you want?

I want to fight you.

You're after the bounty on my head?

No. There's something else I want and this is the only way to get it!

What's that?

If I beat you then I'll be the strongest man in the world. Now let's fight!

(Definitely don't want to miss this.)

Got 10000 Experience Points

If we come back here later Seizan is gone.

But the tree is still cut down (as is the one on the Forest Road). I thought it was a nice touch.

And with that out of the way we have only one thing left to complete: the final bounty. Technically this can only be done in Chapter 12, but I'm including it here.

This is [Kuroshima Raiden], and he has killed countless government officials. It says he has a hideout on the [Forest Road], but he's not around during daytime or evenings.

Well, we know what that means. Wait until dusk, then visit Shishido's cave.

By the way, I'm using the Masamune set for this. They don't have any obvious graphical effects, but they're fashionable and we worked hard to get them.

What's going on?

It's you!

Why aren't you inside?

Some weird guys came and took over the hideout. They kicked us all out.

Who were they?

They called themselves the Kuroshima gang. Wasn't much of a gang - there were only five of 'em. But they were all really tough. This never would'a happened of Boss Shishido were here. There's nothing we can do about it now.

They're in there now?


Alright. Show me the way.

Huh? Where?

Where the boss is. You should know the place.

Uh.... okay. You ready now?

Let's go.

Hey! Who the hell are you?

Where's Kuroshima Raiden?

You got business with the boss?

I'm here to collect the bounty on him.

Oh yeah? Ha ha ha ha ha! You think you can take the boss down? Don't be stupid!

We'll see soon enough.

What's your name?

You'll all be dead soon anyway, so what does it matter? I'm Kiryuu. Kiryuu Kazumanosuke.

Did you say Kiryuu?


This guy's famous, boys. He took down Houzouin Inshun at the tournaments in Nara.

Are you Kuroshima Raiden?

That's right. What's a big star like you doing here? Couldn't make a living by the sword and came to collect the bounty on me?

Hmph. Laugh it up. I'm here to take all of you in. Now come along quietly.

Don't be stupid. I've killed so many guys like you I've lost count. I'm already lookin' at the chopping block. It's just a matter of when I go. Course, if I kill you today then I can put it off a little while longer.

I see. Then let me ask you something. Why did you kill those officials?

Ah. You see, I've hated the government ever since I was a boy. And I hated the man who put up those wanted signs most of all. I just wanted to be left alone, you know? But that corrupt bastard official wouldn't let me. So I killed every single hunter he sent after me, figuring once I'd taken care of all his minions I'd finally get to the man himself.


I'd rather not say. But I'll tell you he's not really a big-shot official at all.


Anyway, it's time we got down to business. Don't die too quick on me now!

This fight goes kind of like the sumo wresler from the tournaments - that is to say, bullshit. Near as I can tell, the strategy I use here is what was intended: leave the henchmen alive so you can knock them around to fill up your HEAT gauge, then spam heat attacks on Kuroshima himself. On this difficulty that's still not always enough, so you'll want have the waterfall training abilities to build up HEAT automatically when you're hurt. Of course, you could always just tote in a bunch of medicine and keep filling up your gauge that way.

Heh.... You're pretty tough.... Miyamoto Musashi.

How did you-!?

Let me.... tell you something.... before death takes me. Watch out for a man named.... Amon.

Amon.... Is he the corrupt official you were talking about? Tell me more.

That's all I know about him. That.... and that he's a real demon walking the earth. They say his skill with the sword is unmatched, he knows every fighting style ever developed, and he knows no mercy.

My father was just a petty criminal, but I watched Amon.... cut him down right in front of me when I was just a child. Not a speck of mercy in his eyes. That's who he is. And you're next on his list.... Miyamoto Musashi. Watch your.... back.


Yes, that's definitely Kuroshima. Thank you for all your help. Please accept this reward.

Received [1 ryou].

And here's a little something extra.

Received [Ancient Demon God Text].

Got 15000 Experience Points

If we weren't playing New Game+ this is probably about the point we'd hit the level cap of 50. At least I did on my last playthrough.

So you've probably figured that this Amon will be the secret boss. But who is he? Where will he appear? That we will find out very soon. But first we'll need to complete the last four tournaments.