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Part 1: Introduction


Ah, good old Konami.

Who the hell is Thevma? Well, kids, we're in "Fan Translation" territory, so this joker is basically our tour guide. If you can't understand what's going on, you know who to blame.

edit: Actually Thevma patched it, but a guy named OASIS translated. So blame OASIS instead.

This event is mentioned once or twice in Snatcher. The Snatcher menace is discovered via plane crash: one of the dead passengers, oops! - has a robotic endoskeleton. Well, shit.

If you're a little thrown by the translation and have no idea what's going on... well, why the hell didn't you read the original LP Snatcher thread, huh? Fine. Snatchers are basically like Terminators - they're endoskeletons with robotic brains and organic skin that can produce fake sweat and blood. They infiltrate society by taking the place of humans.

In the Sega CD version, JUNKER stands for Japanese Underground Neuro-Kinetic Elimination Ranger. It's nonsensical, but it's not anywhere near as embarassing on an ID card as a "Naked Kind Execute Ranger"

Fans of Akira might recognize the backdrop here:

Hey, no one ever said Snatcher was the most original of stories.

Wow. SD Snatcher REALLY glosses over the plot.

Basically, you play the game as Gillian Seed, a 31-year-old man who wakes up in a hospital bed with amnesia. You're told that you're married to another amnesiac named Jamie Lorraine-Seed who awoke in the same hospital. And like all video game amnesia stories, no one knows anything about you.

The only word that seems familiar to Gillian and Jamie is "Snatcher" - the current bioroid menace that started plaguing Neo Kobe about three years prior. Gillian and Jamie eventually separate since there's not much in terms of memories or feelings to base their marriage on and Gillian joins JUNKER in an attempt to jog his lost memory.

Junkers, to be clear, are Blade Runners detectives who hunt Replicants Snatchers. Before you (rightly) yell rip-off, Hideo Kojima wrote this script, so calm down, sassafrass.

And if that wasn't cutesy enough...

Lovely. The top says Suupa Deforume Snatcher. I'm not sure what that means in English. Yes, I am.

Oh hey, what the hell-

This is too cutesy for me. He's hiding in the logo, Seed!

Our Snatcher friend sneaks off.

With Gillian Seed in hot pursuit!

I decided to save some screen real estate by only showing you the animated parts where appropriate.

Threath? Oh Jesus.

Neo Kobe City - which you won't be told - is a man-made island created in the 21st century. It's a melting pot of various races, religions, languages, etc. Imagine Futurama minus aliens and you have the general idea.

Not just that, but...

Produce also awaits you!

I... I don't know who that is. But "cute stuff" happens in the blank space below.

What? Hideo only gets credited for Planning? What kinda gyp is that?

Alright enough credits nonsense. You can only make those animations do so many things. In fact, the second time they pull the "Gillian chases Snatcher, but then Snatcher chases Gillian!" gag, it's a little much.

Let's start this bitch!

You can't change "Seed", so you only get to give him a first name. While I'm sure you all want to name him Hercules or such, I'm sticking with the original. Gillian Seed, baby!



Oh what the fuck is this now.

I only get six letters to name him?! Oh, come on! Ugh... what do I name him, goons?

 Don't bother. I'm naming him GILIAN. 

Major Differences Between SD and Regular Snatcher Thus Far

- Gillian Seed has a green shirt here in order to divorce him from the character he's ripping off of (to some extent), Blade Runner's Deckard.

- Originally, Snatcher's intro beings with an explanation of the Catastrophe and the post-apocalyptic world that it takes place in, and ends with an intro of the main character, Gillian. SD Snatcher does the opposite.

- When Gillian is on the rooftop in the opening of Snatcher, he's with his wife Jamie.

- In the original Snatcher, the graphics do not look retarded.

Relevant Snatcher Media

Gillian and Jamie on the Rooftop 1

Gillian and Jamie on the Rooftop 2