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Part 13: UPDATE 13

Archive 002 - Misumi Daily Gazette

Archive 044 - Premiere issue of Atlantis magazine

Archive 045 - Fortune paper from Mizuhiruko Shrine

This kind of fortune can be good or bad. If you draw a bad one the custom is to tie it onto a special structure at the shrine to nullify its prediction. Tamon sees quite a few of these at the Mizuhiruko Shrine in the video.

There are several different fortunes available in the game, and the one Tamon picks on any given playthrough seems to be random.

Archive 046 - Tamon Takeuchi's research notes

The god Hiruko, also known as Ebisu, is one of the seven gods of good luck in Japan and is the patron deity of fishermen. According to legend, he was the first child of the creator god and goddess Izanagi and Izanami, and was born without bones - hence his name: "the leech child". Hiruko was supposedly tossed into the sea, but survived and washed up far to the north. Eventually he grew bones, but remained somewhat undeveloped. Nevertheless, he is known for his friendly and outgoing nature.

Yebisu Beer takes its name and logo from this god, and the Ebisu district of Tokyo is named for him as well. Plenty of bars and restaurants also keep statues of Hiruko out front for good fortune. As Tamon says, it's odd that a god of the sea would be worshipped in one of the most landlocked parts of the country.