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Part 34: UPDATE 34

Archive 066 - Boat of Utsubo

A clear corollary to the semi-modern Japanese legend of the Hollow Ship. The link gives a lot of interesting detail, but essentially a strange foreign-looking woman speaking an unrecognizable language supposedly washed up on a beach called "Harayadori" (the same name as the area of Arato where Hisako's video took place). Contemporary accounts said her boat was covered in strange glyphs and that she always clutched a decorated box, but would allow no one to look inside.
The image in the archive is very similar to a sketch made by one of those supposed witnesses. In fact, that sketch is the basis for the Mana alphabet used in this game.

Using Archive 12 we can translate the prominent characters: KUBI / "The Head"

Archive 067 - The Kastori Inquirer

This is actually a true story, and one which heavily inspired the developers of the game: The Tsuyama Massacre.
Essentially, a young man suffering from tuberculosis and depressed at being rejected by the girls in his village massacred 30 people using a shotgun and katana.

In-game, a matching incident in which 33 people were murdered in a similar manner took place in Hanuda in 1976:
The Truth Behind the Hanuda Incident

Archive 068 - Shiro Miyata's driver's license

Archive 069 - Naoko Mihama's resume

Archive 077 - Photo from old album