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SUPERBROTHERS: Sword & Sworcery EP

by Vifs

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Original Thread: Let's Listen to SUPERBROTHERS: Sword & Sworcery EP [SVLP]



Sword & Sworcery is a point and click game of sorts. You navigate around by clicking on the ground and clicking people/things to interact with them. The music in it was made by Jim Guthrie, and the OST is very, very good. It was original release as an iPad game, then later that year as an iPhone game. In early-mid 2012 it came out on Steam and Mac/Linux. It's not a very hard game but it has some fun puzzles and a nice look to it. This game is pretty short 4-5 hours maybe, but it is a really awesome game, and you should try it or get the OST.

The Let's Play
This LP will be done with subtitles as to not ruin the atmosphere of the game. You start off the game not really knowing anything, but I will clue you in on things I think you should know. I won't be checking out every item but I will show off what I remember. The game is split up into different session, but by the end the sessions get longer then 15-20 minutes, and each video will be about 20-30 minutes long. Updates will be on Blip and YouTube, and updates will be every week or so.

Even though this was originally an iPad game and isn't to deep don't spoil anything.


Episode 1: Session 1-1YouTube 12M
Episode 2: Session 2-1YouTube 12M
Episode 3: Session 2-2YouTube 12M
Episode 4: Session 3-1YouTube 12M
Episode 5: Session 3-2YouTube 12M
Episode 6: Session 3-3YouTube 12M
Episode 7: Session 4-1YouTube 12M


The Protagnoist
As far as we know she just kind of showed up out of nowhere, the only thing we learn in the first session is that she is a Scythians, and wants the Megatome.

The Archetype
More or less he is a narrator. He watches over use and tells us that shit went down.

He lives near this giant face mountain for some fucking reason, and lives with a black-haired girl called: girl. Also he has a dog.

She is a girl who lives with Logafella, you never really find out about the relationship between the two.

Bark Bark!
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