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SaGa Frontier

by RedBoot

Part 1: Introduction

Yes, the G is supposed to be capitalized. It's silly like that.

Squaresoft, circa 1998. It was a better time, before the horrible event that was "TSW" forced a merger with rival Enix.

The title, complete with pretty colors in the background. This is the seventh game in the main SaGa series, the fourth we got over here, and the first to actually be called SaGa.

And here's the seven little darlings whose lives we need to fix.

That's right, SaGa has seven main characters and thus seven quests, and I will (hopefully) guide you through all of them. But, where to start? Let's take a look at each of them individually.

First we have Red. Red's of the overly heroic and slightly retarded type. His quest involves his efforts to take down the crime syndicate BlackX, who killed his father and stuff. In order to aid his quest, Red received the powers of a superhero:

Alkaiser! Yeah, his head looks kinda like a unicorn.

Next we have Emelia, a former supermodel who is now hunting down the criminal Joker (no, not THAT Joker), who killed her boyfriend and framed her for the crime.

This is Blue. He wants to be the world's greatest magician, and in order to do that he must go on a quest to find magic, search the world, and kill his brother Rouge. Yeah, a lot of people in SaGa are out to kill someone or avenge someone who was killed.

Asellus was almost killed herself, but a last minute blood-transfusion saved her life. But now she's become half-Mystic due to the donor being a Mystic Lord (Mystics are magic-y type people, think vampires). Obvious emo-ness follows.

T260G is some sort of robot guy, and he has some sort of important quest that he forgot. So he's off to remember that purpose and then do it. Also, he looks vaguely like Chrono Trigger's Robo.

This is Riki. Riki sucks. He's a monster who was sent off to find some magical rings to save his monster homeworld. Riki's quest is painful to play.

And finally we have Lute. Unlike the quests of vengeance and missions of great importance above him, Lute simply wants to go out and have fun. He's a bit of a hippy.

So, which of these seven shall we start with? The choice is yours, but I shall give some suggestions:

-Red, T260G, and Asellus have the most extensive storylines, and thus are probably the most interesting (IMO). As I'll mention while playing through the game, certain quests and areas of SaGa Frontier are more, erm, "finished," than others. Those three probably got the most development time devoted to them, and as such feel the most complete.

-Lute has nearly no storyline to speak of (another side effect of what I mentioned above). You can literally get to his final boss in about 15 minutes (you'd get destroyed, but you can get there). Thus he would probably be best saved for last, as I can fill his void of storyline with various tricks/powerleveling tips, as well as fleshing out whatever areas we didn't see in the earlier quests.

-Riki sucks.

Regardless, the choice is yours. If we get enough votes for a character tonight, I'll try and do the first update then, otherwise it'll be up tomorrow morning.