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Part 11

Here we go again...

Just to let y'all know I'm still keeping up with this system data thing.

There's a bit of religious symbolism in this quest, as you may guess. It wouldn't be a PSX-era RPG without it.

A Magic school? Shit, let's hope this is more Unseen University and less Hogwarts.

After I mentioned my views on fratricide, they seemed pretty eager to select me.

I'm not gonna have to wear mouse ears, am I?

If my quest is to learn magic, then what the hell did I come here for?

"He's over at the Somewhat Magic Kingdom. Those guys are jerks."

And here's the RegionMap. It's a nifty little item that allows us to teleport anywhere that we've previously visited. It's insanely useful and only Blue gets it.

We'll head over to Devin first.

They sure do want us to head over to the right there. Also, that text may make you think there's a time limit on us, but it really just means Rouge will get whatever magic we don't.

And here's Blue's stats. A little high for someone starting out, right? Once you've beaten a quest on a system data, other characters might start out with higher stats. I don't think it works for everyone, the only ones I know it works for are Blue and Emelia.

Okay, now it's decision time. Before Blue can head to his fated duel with his bro, he must get three magic gifts. His choices are:

Light or Shadow
Arcane or Rune
Time or Space

Ignore the last one for now, we won't be getting that for a while. But the first two choices are important, since they're probably going to dictate who our team members will be.

Going with Arcane gives us access to Gen (swordman), Emelia, Fuse, and Suzaku (monster).
Rune gives us Dr. Nusukan (mystic), Roufas, Liza, Annie, and Fei-On.

Rune is probably the better group, and our team would probably end up as Blue, Nusukan, Roufas, Annie, and Fei-On (I just used Liza, and I'm going to be using her in Emelia's quest for sure, so I can skip her here). For Arcane, Gen would be a must, and Fuse would also be a good choice. I'd probably use Emelia as well and fill the last slot with someone else. Magic-wise, both are good. Rune is more defensive, with really good buffs and regeneration, while Arcane gives us some attack spells.

Shadow allows us to recruit Silence, a mystic. There's nobody to recruit in the Light quest, but we get some good items. Light magic has some good attacks, healing, and a nifty spell that gives the caster a good sword. Shadow is more limited, but has the Shadow Servant spell, which doubles your attacks.

I'll leave the choices up to you guys. None of those recruits are exclusive to Blue, so don't worry about missing out on anybody.

Also, I'm quite busy tomorrow, so I might not be able to update (hence the double update today). I should still be able to get something up, but I can't guarantee it.