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by RedBoot

Part 28


We start off not with Asellus, but rather some chick named Gina.

Chateau Aiguille, a castle located in Facinaturu that we're going to learn quite a bit about very soon.

Oh god, this isn't going to be one of those Narnia things, is it?

The trials and tribulations of the textile trade.

Oh shit, I think I left my Symphony of the Night disc in the drive.


Asellus finally shows up.

Oooh, ethereal voices already.

He then proceeds to...

...answer our questions.

Red namedrop!

Drive-by carriagings are one of the greatest problems facing our nation today.

We venture out, and come across...

The next room over contains some fantastic equipment. Time to go kick some creepy vampire people ass, right?


So damn tiny.

We run into Zozma on the way, but he gets chased off by some guards. Doesn't look like he's welcome here.

It's a bit of a theme here, yeah.

They even have rose-based teleportation technology, apparently.

Either that or he's really smelly.



Hey, it matches your balcony.

Well, except for the giant hole in your stomach, yeah.

We find our way to the throne room.

A bit intimidating.

Not that that stops her from telling him.

There's actually about seven different titles they give him (everyone in the room says at least one) but yeah, the brief version works better.

Well, I kinda have issues with your buddy over here who stabbed me out of nowhere, but no business, mostly.

There's gotta be easier ways to do a blood test than that.

Obviously. The color wheel never lies.

Orlouge assigns Ildon and White Rose (who we'll meet later) to teach Asellus the ways of the mystic, which probably consists of sitting in a corner and brooding a lot.

But at least we get to look pretty!