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Part 34: Extra Endings

Okay, so when determining your ending in this quest, the game looks at two things:

1) Whether or not you developed Asellus's mystic powers (by this they mean you have to have absorbed something in each of the Mystic Sword, Gloves, and Boots).

2) Whether or not you saved Gina.

Ignoring your mystic powers and saving Gina gets you the Human ending, developing the powers and ignoring Gina gets you the Mystic ending, and anything else gets you the Half-Mystic ending. I picked the Half-Mystic ending initially since I think it's the "correct" one (dunno what Essence says about it).

So, let's see the other two.

Human Ending

Heading into that room I skipped before, we find a monster waiting.

Despite the dragon sprite, it's actually a Griffin. It's not any stronger than the other bosses around here, so we make short work of it.

Oh hey, it's Gina. Sorry about leaving you for dead in the previous update and all.

This girl really needs to get her internal monolouging under control.

I'm kind of curious how this worked. Was she eaten, or was it one of those transformation sort of things? Maybe she was just chillin' behind it or something.

I'd question how Gina even knows who Rastaban is, but hey, plot development.

Ah, so I guess when Ciato killed Rastaban, he...didn't kill Rastaban. Yeah.

We continue on and defeat BatCiato as usual.

Though Asellus scolds Zozma afterwards this time.

Oh joy, looks like we have to fight him this time.

He's some sort of samurai knight guy.

Asellus picks up RosarioImpale during the fight, which would have been pretty nifty except for the fact that I can't save anymore since my ending's been determined.

Rastaban's probably the hardest of the three here, but he's still pretty easy.

We still get his PlutoArmor, which would be useful if it weren't for the fact that PoweredSuits are much better.

I'm pretty sure Zozma's the only mystic around here who plays for the right team.

Back up to Orlouge...

Seriously, just run up and push him off the balcony. He's not even looking.

Asellus has another speech prepared.

Orlouge responds appropriately.

The battle proceeds in much the same way.

Grandma Gina again. I feel like they wanted her to have a bigger part in the plot than she did.

You just know they all met previously and planned this whole thing out, lines and all. Losers.

I guess killing Orlouge pretty much gave the Dark Labyrinth a revolving door.

Cue the freaky montage...

Grandma Asellus.

Asellus's children graduate. Asellus's hair is naturally red/brownish, by the way. The whole mysticization process changed it.

It's a piece of cake to bake a lovely cake...

That kid's totally got a watermelon on his head.

Asellus gets married to...ah...someone.

There sure are a lot of these.

This one's just dumb.


And that's the human ending. It's retarded. Onto the next!

Mystic Ending

We've got to do some absorbin' here.

Here's an aspect of Asellus's quest that I haven't managed to mention yet (did I talk about it in Emelia's quest? Eh, I'm not going to check). When you use a mystic weapon in battle, Asellus changes into her mystic form.

Now she can absorb stuff with the mystic weapons, as well as get access to her absorbed stats and moves.

All three weapons are full now, so let's get going.

We don't have to fight Rastaban this time. Also, mystic code? You're just a scared nancy boy.

Asellus keeps things short this time, thankfully.

Orlouge is sooooo turned on right now.

The fight was actually easier this time, since Asellus was probably nearly twice as strong with her added stats.

I love the horns.

Gina's been mysticized.

So, the Mystic ending has Asellus creating a giant lesbian harem and conquering the universe? AWESOME.

Seems like Ildon becomes a pansy regardless of which ending you get.

He's a damn suck-up.

Hey, at least she's not killing them.