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Part 41

We're in the home stretch!

Yorkland: We've got windmills and beer!

Lute says goodbye to his ma. That's a nifty bathtub in the back there.

Lute and Thunder aren't really related, of course, what with him being an ogre and all. Still that'd make for some interesting family reunions if they were. Actually, why doesn't this game have some half-monster and half-mecs? We've got a half-mystic, after all.

That's kind of a mean description. They give me a chance to rename Lute here (which is odd since they used his name earlier), but I'm just going to keep it as is.

Don't live in your mom's basement, kids. Sage advice.

Here's Lute's starting stats. Not great, but hey, he's charming. We'll have to replace that Knife soon, though, since it sucks balls.

And you were apparently never allowed on grammar school.

Lute's okay with chilling in the baggage section.

The MAN's always bringin' me down, man!

Hey, it's Mondo, that guy who popped up in Emelia's quest briefly to try and inject some actual storyline and coherency into things!


I get on ship.

Ship fly to place.

I fear for the schools there.

You gotta look at Lute's bubble first in these two pictures, by the way. Although I guess you could do it the other way and pretend Mondo is a psychic.

Nifty little flying shot. Of all the ships you can see in this game, this one is the second coolest.

While we're in Manhattan, I decide to stop off and see good ol' IRPO agent and potential party member Fuse.


Fuse has always had a knack for introductions.

It's times like that that I wish the text boxes were just a little big bigger. It sucks having to make a new image for two more lines of text.

Lute's the kind of guy who likes to just chill and do whatever and totally relax.

Can't it be both?

Lute is not good at jokes.

This is usually the part of the game where you'd wander aimlessly trying to figure out what the hell the game wants you to do, but luckily I know these things already.

Now we get to finally meet Capt.Hamilton, who so far has just been sitting here being all NPC-ish. She gives her usual lines about crap like MSG.

Also, she's a pirate.

If that's not a proposition, then I don't know what is.

She runs off back to her ship.

We decide to follow (Hamilton runs the Owmi-Nelson route).

This is the coolest ship. The sails are all glowy.

Lute gets down to business. :mmmhmm:

Cap has some swanky quarters.

Ah, so that's who watches the Watchmen: pirates!

If Lute had known how much he'd have been hassled over a free ride, he probably would've just walked to the next region.

Plot time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Nah, I just like hitting on meaty-looking women.

Your dad was a hippie, Lute. Things haven't changed.

This part's a bitch to write up, by the way. All these screenshots look pretty much the same.

Lute's head can only hold approximately three facts at any given time.

Pirates starting a war? Where's Geoffrey Rush when you need him?

Replace "Trinity" with "Umbrella" in these screenshots and you could have the script for a whole new Resident Evil game!

Man, why you even got to do a thing?

She says "when" and not "if." Lute doesn't really get a choice, I guess.

Yeah. This is the point of no return for Lute's quest. Already. We could be in the final dungeon right now.

Capt.Hamilton joined up as well. She's awesome and pretty well equipped (those swords are goin' to Lute, though).