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Part 47

Final final dungeon time.

Time for a three hour tour of Mondo's secret base.

I'm suprised they didn't make a Star Trek joke, they've certainly done it in less viable situations.

You'd think it wouldn't be a particularly safe place to put a base, what with all the ghost ninjas.

Too bad you won't actually get to do any of the payback this time, Gen. You didn't get leveled up.

Seriously, this thing is awesome. It's a space pirate ship that glows.

It kinda looks like an anchovy.

That maniac's gonna ram us!

Seems to be an all-girl pirate crew, which is kinda hot.

Why are the bad guy's ships always like a billion times bigger than us?

I also have to wonder if what appears to be standard cannons could really do any damage to a giant space battleship thing.

Mondo decided to turn tail and run.

We pursue him to his silly base.

This place feels really unfinished (well, moreso than most of this quest). It's really open, and there's not much in the way of obstacles.

No treasures, either. Oh sure, that looks like a blue-tinted chest there, but it just disappears when you touch it. I think you need to touch it to operate the elevator here, but I didn't try doing that prior to getting the chest, so it may not even do that.

It does have the final dungeon standard issue Giant fight, though.

So we go down the elevator a few times, and eventually reach Mondo's room. I included the fight intro in the video since it's pretty cool.

Video: Final Boss Fight - Spriggan

Notes: Mondo's mech repairs and re-outfits itself every 30k damage or so. The latter forms have some pretty tough attacks, but none of that matters if you can kill him fast enough.

Lute's mom is mean.

Poor random soldier guy.

Lute's being lazy, which is an admirable trait.

Kind of a strange sort of best friend that betrays and kills you, but I guess Lute's ma never heard about that part.

So apparently Lute is head of Trinity now, meaning it's a title that can pass through the killing of the previous leader. How progressive.

Well, that's Lute's ending. One scene and some dialouge. A bit weak and lazy, but then, it's Lute's quest.

And that's it! All seven characters are done! I guess we're through here...

Oh right, the system data.

Hmm...where is this?