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Original Thread: Hail to the Chief! Let's Play Saints Row IV (PC)



I recognize like one person in this picture.

What is Saints Row?

Saints Row is a goofy as hell franchise developed by Volition, Inc, formerly published by THQ before they went under and currently published by Deep Silver that is dedicated to saying to what’s acceptable and realistic in video games. You play as the leader of a gang/massive media mogul named The Third Street Saints and the main conflicts of the games involve bids for power in whatever city is the main setting of the game. It started as a serious GTA clone, but then it got a little goofier with Saints Row 2 (don’t quote me on either, I haven’t played the first two). Saints Row the Third decided that any of the seriousness left in Saints Row 2 had to go to make room for crazy awesome and/or stupid stunts, like skydiving a tank or taking a chainsaw to hordes of luchadors for the spectacle. People took pretty fondly to the craziness, which is presumably why the series got crazier and crazier. That said, what was Volition to do after the insanity that was SR3? They made this.

Saints Row IV decided that Saints Row the Third wasn’t crazy enough and took a sledgehammer to what was left of the rationality of this franchise. That gang leader you play as? They're the president of the USA. Your main competition for power? A fucking alien empire. Your tools? Superpowers. This game is all kinds of and I’m here to hopefully show that off. This game was meant to be DLC for Saints Row the Third but for whatever reason, the DLC plan was scrapped and rolled into a whole new game. As such, it feels more like an expansion to the Third than an entirely new game, but it's still good fun.

So how will this LP work?

One of the best features that the franchise has is its co-op. Your co-op partner is seamlessly added into the story by being completely ignored so no one questions why this second person came out of nowhere but is on equal terms to the boss. That said, this will be a co-op LP that I’m opening the floodgates to for viewer participation. Got this game on PC? Send me a PM or ask nicely in the thread and come join me in various shenanigans! (EDIT: Don't worry about having a fully decked out boss, the game locks you out of using powers I haven't unlocked.) Alternatively, I have a twitter that I can be reached at. Also, because this game has a fantastic character creation tool, you can request I turn my boss into various characters, so long as you provide me with a reference picture! (EDIT: Please wrap your images in [timg] tags) I'll try to run it as one episode of progress and the next of side missions and stuff. Let's have a good time!


I'd rather not see any regarding the story, but if you must, use spoiler tags.

Table of Contents

Special guest Tiggum shows us how screwy co-op can be with select clips from his guest episodes.

Jobbo_Fett knows how to exit a Zamboni in style.

Jobbo_Fett and I did something terrible
Retsupurae Gamingo

Panzer Skank has found that maybe she's not the only one who has game breaking powers.

So this is what it's like to be orbital launched! Thanks Panzer!

Panzer and I are amazed at this dude backing up.

Follow my example. Don't jump into cars that are being flipped over.

Panzer Skank demonstrates that she might be seeing things differently on her end than on the player's...
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