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Saints Row: The Third

by Skippy Granola

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Original Thread: Let's Feel Boss in Saints Row: The Third [Co-op VLP]



Saints Row: The Third is the third game in the Saints Row series. Developed by Volition Inc and published by THQ, and released in November 2011, the game could somewhat inaccurately be called a "GTA Clone." The similarities are apparent - both games feature gunplay and vehicular mayhem against a backdrop of modern-day organized crime. Where they differ, of course, is in the execution.

Saints Row 2 struck a fantastic balance between gritty street drama and utter madcap foolishness. Saints Row 3 takes it a step farther - gone is really any semblance of drama, replaced by VTOL jets, laser tanks, and over-the-top Japanese game show-themed bloodsport.

In short, it doesn't make a lot of sense, but Saints Row: The Third is a hell of a lot of fun.

The game really shines, however, with its beautifully implemented two-player drop-in-drop-out online co-op. There's no better way to explore the gritty industrial hellhole of Steelport, nor to follow the Third Street Saints on their mission of redemption and revenge, than with a buddy.

To that end, starting in Video 2, I'll be cashing in a hefty chunk of goodwill to bring some friends along for the ride. We'll try to progress through the story at a reasonable pace, but for some reason, shenanigans always ensue.

Normal gameplay updates a.k.a. the numbered videos are live commentary co-op more or less following this storyline guide in the OP. Bonus updates are solo post commentary showing off things we didn't or couldn't show in the main videos - alternate choices, interesting textures, incidental dialogue and unlockables.

So join me and a bunch of just sterling buddies as we play Saints Row: The Third.

Click for the youtube playlist

Direct Download

Concordat put together a handy visual guide to modding vehicles not normally moddable on Youtube

Here's the cast singing "What I Got" in MP3 format if you are so inclined.

MisterFuzzles re-wrote one of my favourite tunes in honour of everyone's favourite murderous hellhole that is not Detroit.

MisterFuzzles posted:

Hmm. Remember that bad verse of 19-2000 I made an SR3 version of? Here's the full "masterpiece" of crap.

Steelport is a crazy place
Filled with a lot of fools
That dont seem to just get
The Saints don't care about rules

Bunch a bosses rollin in
to make the place their own
Doin some silly shit
to make their names known

Keep a good kill on

Here we go!

Murder time!
Murder time fun time!
Murder time!
Murder time fun time!

There's some goons in the city
Driving 'round for kicks
Stirring up some trouble
Between the Saint and some pricks
With plenty of violence
and tons of booze
Watch 'em spread the message
You fuck with us and you lose!"

Keeping my kill on

Feelin Boss
Feelin Boss
Feelin Boss
Feelin Boss

Okay bring it down, yeah, we gonna break out

Murder time!
Murder time fun time!
Murder time!
Murder time fun time!

I don't want to say this was a "bug", but Devious Vacuum and I accidentally figured out Feel Boss.

Devious Vacuum posted:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, I bring to you, newly discovered by one Skippy Granola and myself,




I think with this discovery we can finally put the Feel Boss debate to rest. Thank you and good night.
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