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by Edna Mode

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Original Thread: 3rd Street Bitches! Let's Play Saint's Row


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Saint's Row is a sandbox action crime game (read: GTA clone). With great voice acting, an improved control scheme, and a ghetto attitude, it was originally released in 2006 to great critical and commercial success, selling over 2 million copies. Its sequel, Saint's Row 2, was released in 2008 and has sold over 3.4 million copies. Saint's Row the Third is coming out this Winter to great anticipation.

I imagine many of us have played Saint's Row 2 or heard of it, and since Saint's Row 3 is on the horizon I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what started it all.

What makes Saint's Row different from GTA is that while GTA has eventually gone towards a more realistic game, Saint's Row goes in the exact opposite direction. The series delights in making its characters and situations as crude and ridiculous as possible. Saint's Row plays things a little straight, but you definitely see hints of the craziness to come.

This will be a nice relaxed LP that serves mainly to show off the story mode. I'm not going to do a 100% run. With a big sandbox game like this, my main focus is show you things that I think are fun to see.


1. Saint's Row 01- Welcome to Saint's RowPart 1, Part 2 Part 1, Part 2 Part 1, Part 2
23. Saint's Row 23- Store Round-UpYouTube Source
2. Saint's Row 02- Los Carnales Activities 01YouTube Source
3. Saint's Row 03- Los Carnales Activities 02YouTube Source
11. Saint's Row 11- Los Carnales Activities 03YouTube Source
12. Saint's Row 12- Los Carnales Activities 04YouTube Source
16. Saint's Row 16- Westside Rollerz Activities 01YouTube Source
17. Saint's Row 17- Westside Rollerz Activities 02YouTube Source
24. Saint's Row 24- Vice Kings ActivitiesYouTube Source
Los Carnales Missions
4. Saint's Row 04- Los Carnales Missions 01 Part 1, Part 2 Part 1, Part 2 Part 1, Part 2
5. Saint's Row 05- Los Carnales Missions 02 YouTube Source
6. Saint's Row 06- Los Carnales Missions 03YouTube
7. Saint's Row 07- Los Carnales Missions 04YouTube Source
8. Saint's Row 08- Los Carnales Missions 05YouTube Source
9. Saint's Row 09- Los Carnales Missions 06YouTube Source
10. Saint's Row 10- Los Carnales Missions 07YouTube Source
13. Saint's Row 13- Los Carnales Missions 08YouTube Source
14. Saint's Row 14- Los Carnales Missions 09YouTube Source
15. Saint's Row 15- Los Carnales Missions 10YouTube Source
Westside Rollerz Missions
18. Saint's Row 18- Westside Rollerz 01YouTube Source
19. Saint's Row 19- Westside Rollerz 02YouTube Source
20. Saint's Row 20- Westside Rollerz 03YouTube Source
21. Saint's Row 21- Westside Rollerz 04YouTube Source
22. Saint's Row 22- Westside Rollerz 05YouTube Source
Vice King Missions
25. Saint's Row 25- Vice Kings 01YouTube Source
26. Saint's Row 26- Vice Kings 02YouTube Source
27. Saint's Row 27- Vice Kings 03YouTube Source
28. Saint's Row 28- Vice Kings 04YouTube Source
29. Saint's Row 29- Vice Kings 05YouTube Source
30. Saint's Row 30- Vice Kings 06YouTube Source
The End
31. Saint's Row 31- The End Source

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