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Salt & Sanctuary

by Highwang, ThornBrain

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Original Thread: Not as salty as my cooking; Let's Play Salt & Sanctuary [VLP]



What is this game?
Salt & Sanctuary is a 2d metroidvania-style game made by Ska Studios, known for their old Xbox indie game Dishwasher Samurai. In this game, players start off as part of a ship crew for a negotiation treaty, however that plan gets shot down once both pirates and a literal cthulhu ransack the ship and leave everyone for dead. Instead, everyone get's shipwrecked and its up to your character to figure out what happened and to try and rescue the princess from the negotiation party. By the way, did I mention there's a princess? Cause much like me, the game forgets as well quite promptly.

In terms of gameplay, S&S operates like a metroidvania with some heavy RPG elements. You run around, explore areas, get stronger by spending your souls-I mean salt dammit, fight the boss, and advance forward. Depending on where you go, you can get different powerups that will unlock new areas and let you find secrets in older ones, along with find gear that will help your adventure in general. Combat itself involves stringing together light and heavy attacks in a substantial manner while at the same time watching your stamina meter, along with either blocking or dodging attacks from the variety of drowned creatures.

And yes. This game is brazenly "Souls-like" by design. You aren't crazy.

Why this game?
While S&S is shamelessly wearing the Souls game's skin as its own, I still find a lot of the design aspects interesting, mainly from a level design standpoint. There's a huge, single-instance world out there with a lot of great challenges, puzzles, and fights in it, and I can't help but see the ingenuity of its design shine through some of the more goofy elements.

Plans for this LP
This is gonna be a gimmick run of Salt & Sanctuary through two means:

1. The game has an intended route that I have never taken and don't plan on doing whatsoever once I hit a specific point. Luckily I can still continue the three NPC plot lines this game has, but the fact that I can explore the game as I see fit was the big draw to me, and I intend to show just how far off the beaten path you can go if you're as stubborn as me.

2. As I recorded this, I noticed a challenge run called "Oar Only." This is the only way to get the oar in the game, so I figured why the fuck not let's do a Musashi run.

Co-commentator for this LP is going to be ThornBrain for most of the ride.

Table of Contents

Episode 1: Rise of Oarnstein
Episode 2: All Smiles here
Episode 3: Slime Time Live
Episode 4: Floor is Space
Episode 5: What's crackin', worm?
Episode 6: Red Hall of Funhouse
Episode 7: Where the fuck are the other lambs?
Episode 8: The Best Upgrade In The Game
Episode 9: A Manpile
Episode 10: Fart Jokes dot txt
Episode 11: The hot new Disney movie, Murder-ella
Episode 12: My coveted rock axe
Episode 13: Papa Carsejaw loves you
Episode 14: The Witch of the Lake
Episode 15: Fall Damage City
Episode 16: Plunge this Splendor into Dark
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