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Salt and Sanctuary

by Genocyber

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Original Thread: A Solid 16/10 - Let's Play Salt and Sanctuary



Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D Metroidvania-style game developed by Ska Studios, a husband and wife development team. Even a brief glance will make it clear that it's also strongly inspired by From Software's Dark Souls franchise, both in terms of overall atmosphere and specific mechanics. However this game is no mere copycat (*cough* Lords of the Fallen *cough*) as it utilizes what it takes from Dark Souls very well, usually putting its own unique spin on it. Amusingly enough, in the transition from the third dimension to the second, the game ends up replicating the feel of the Koji Igarashi-directed Castlevania games. Oddly appropriate, given that the Dark Souls games are often referred to as "how a 3D Castlevania should feel."

This LP will be a mostly comprehensive playthrough of the game. I will be attempting to show off all of the different playstyles available, as well as a wide variety of gear and weapons. I will also be showing off all of the game's areas, however I may end up missing a chest or two; there are a lot of secrets in this game and I do not have them all memorized. But you can expect to see a majority of the game's content in this playthrough.


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