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Sam & Max Hit the Road

by Piss-Ant

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Original Thread: Let's Play Sam&Max Hit the Road!



This game won the vote that I held between Sam&Max, Day of the Tentacle and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. This will be a video LP so there will be a lot of conversation so if you don't like to wait for action then this game might not be for you. That said if you have never played an adventure game check out the first video and see if you are interested.

Grab your sizzling weasel on a stick and take a ride on the cone-o-tragedy!!!

Wikipedia entires on the comic and the game.

Table of Content

Intro Backup
Video 1 is up with guest commentary from JirotheHero Backup
Video 2 Backup
Video 3 with guest commentary from Vallhallan Backup
Video 4 with guest commentary from Vallhallan...AGAIN! Backup
Video 5 Backup
Video 6 Backup
Video 7 Backup

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