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Scratches: Director's Cut

by Montalvo

Part 12: The End

Chapter 10: The End

How many years has it been since that evening? How many nightmares? My mind descends into a Byzantine maze of delirious memories when I try and think back to the first few days after leaving Blackwood Manor.

The last thing I remember before the haze... yes, the fireplace. I could hear the scratches rising from the depths of the cursed manor. They seemed to be louder than ever before; angry, almost. This was the cusp of everything I had done in Blackwood Manor: the purpose for my being here.

Trembling, I made my way downstairs...

Youtube [alternate video from another LP, the original is dead]

All this fame and success... what does it all mean, when the very inspiration it is based on feeds on the misery of a poor, neglected boy?

Dearest reader--should you come across this journal and believe its contents, I have but one piece of advice for you: do not bog yourself in the quagmire that is the past; live, instead, free of burden and with virtue. It is an ideal I have long since abandoned.


Well, that's it! I hope you've enjoyed reading and watching this thread, and thanks for your continued support, and not giving away the thread to someone else during that long period where I was gone. I'd love to hear any criticism you might have about the thread, since I plan on doing the extra chapter at some point in the future (probably around February).

I'd like to thank LordMune for helping me out at this final stage: the video was made and uploaded by him. Thanks!
Also, a thanks to all those cool cats who made the funky fanart for the thread. It's all in the OP now.

Finally, if anyone has any questions about the plot, feel free to ask. Thank you, and goodnight!