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Secret of the Stars

by Kaiser Mazoku

Part 3: Chapter Three: The Ringo Bros. (And Barnum and Bailey)

So after getting our asses kicked by a giant fire man, we head back to the Beegee's mayor's house and go through the secret tunnel that leads to the other side of the mountains.

Compared to the last dungeon, it's a very short trip to actually get there. But the inside is much more spacious than Badbad's cabin to make up for it.

A Kustera gate. We'll have to come back later with the Kustera party in order to get whatever's behind there.

These things actually gave me a bit of trouble. Whereas the other enemies in this dungeon are just more Bones and Ghosts, the Man Traps are much more durable and can actually inflict decent damage on you. They can also poison you, too.

After dealing with that nuisance, we break the yellow gate and progress further into the Ringo House.

A few screens later and we're on top of the dungeon. Quite a view from up here.

Kid: Knowing this was our hide-out, you came to help the kids, right? Hey brother!

The kid runs off. This must be one of the Ringo. Bros.

Well that's a rather unsettling sight to see.

Both brothers are hiding in the next room. The bigger one is Bingo and the smaller one is Leach.

Bingo: I'm Bingo, one of the Homncruse family.

Leach: Ah ha ha ha...only you arrive here, no one can help you! Meet your maker kids!

Bingo: Meet your doom kid!

Wait, is that a girl? Then why are they called the Ringo. Bros.? Well I guess it rolls off the tongue better than Ringo Brother and Sister. Anyway Leach uses Coma to put Tina to sleep, but she wakes up right after. lol

Bingo and Leach can "work together" to cast Bolt, which hits your entire party for around 20 damage. I have Tina use Slow on Leach (it doesn't seem to work on Bingo) and have Ray attack her first, since she can use Fast on herself and Bingo to increase their speed and defense by 4.

After I kill Leach, I have both Ray and Tina use magic on Bingo, since it seems to do more damage than physical attacks. (And Tina's melee attack sucks anyway)

And Bingo was his name-o. This was actually a fairly difficult fight and I have bad memories of these guys giving me major headaches back when I first played the game. They WILL rock your shit if you aren't properly leveled and don't keep up your healing. It's getting to the point where we want to save our magic for bosses and not waste it on piss-ant random encounters, since MP healing items are rare in this game and the only other way to recover MP is by paying for a room at an Inn. The battle nets us a very nice 1774 exp, which allows Ray to jump up a couple levels to 13 and learn both Repel (keeps away wild monsters) and Heal 2. Tina reaches level 12 and gets Freeze 2.

Kids: Thank you Ray. There are 3 more Aqutallions. Let's find everyone and be happy only when we destroy Homncruse!

Speaking of which...

Upper-left guy: Let Garados take care of them, we have to eliminate them now!

Lower-left girl: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

Who could these strange characters be and what sinister designs do they have for our heroes? Only time will tell...

Afterwards, we find ourselves back at Old Hill, where the kids have made themselves at home. Uncle Save tells us that in order to survive here, we'll need to find architects to build houses and farmers to grow crops. With our next task laid out for us, we shall set off in the next chapter.