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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 14

Alright, well... I promised a present in my next update, and here it is...

I have all the songs from the soundtrack of the game here for you. I was going to just group them together in a RAR or something, but you'll see why I did this. I converted them all to mp3 so you can burn it and play it in your CD players!

In any case, we've got some God Beasts to kill. Let's roll.

Let's call Lily Thai. From Peter North's POV (I know way too much about porn).

Alright, up first, by voting majority, is Dolan, the God Beast of the Moon.

It's scary

Now playing - Political Pressure.

Last time we were here, we were checking on the Mana stone. Yeah, we all know how well that went.

Those werewolves sure did like kicking my ass

This door looks important. Shall we see what's on the other side?

Hmm... I don't see anything.

Now playing - Secret of Mana. (I think, I forgot what exact song it was )

Uh-oh. Wait, where is he? I don't see anything.

Oh shit... here he comes!

GAAAAAHHH! Let's kick this fucker's ass.

Ka... Me... Ha...

ME HA!!!!


This guy isn't THAT hard. Clearly just casting stat downs on him makes him a wuss.

Uh oh, he casted Moon Saber on himself! THINGS ARE GETTING TENSE.



And the explosions begin.

Next time use the Genki Dama (spirit bomb ) instead of that Kamehameha bullshit.

Wow. Do most Gods blow up like this?

Way to keep the situation series, dumb faerie

Before we leave... CATS!

Yes please. Like all Cats, she's trying to rip me off. Neko did the same in Secret of Mana.

Well, that's that. Let's head out. Lily Thai to the rescue!

Now playing - Different Road.

I've been to this area a few times. The enemies got stronger!

I remember this save point. Time to employ it's uses again.


Jesus this thing isn't even close to where we were.

Now playing - Hightension Wire



Tits' earthquake spell kicks some serious ass. Along with Jail Bait casting Diamond Saber on Kacey.

Tier 2! Things are heating up!

Got him! What next?

Tier 3. Gotta recast all those stat-down spells again

Tier 4. He's pulling out the hard spells. Things are gonna get rough.


Explosions in mid-air!

Damn straight. Thanks, Lily, now let me go to your movies.

We got 2 down!

Alright. Who's next? Xan Bie has a vote. I've gotten a few ??? seeds, in which I will need for the next class change, so we'll be ready for that!

Let's continue kicking these God Beast's asses.