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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 19

Jeeze, it's been awhile since the last update

Anyways, the Mana holyland is just up ahead. We've got to beat the Dragon Emperor there!

But first...

We've got a little side-business to do. I didn't name this 56k gets eaten by Black Rabite for nothing.

As always, transportation provided Digital Playground, Inc.

First things first, head back to the glass desert and we'll head towards the Dragon's Hole.

Push left at this pathway...

Oh really?

Aww isn't it the cutest little...

Oh, fuck.


Let's try this again.

It is coming...


Casting spells on this makes it counter with magic. Either a nasty spell or it summons a great demon. I actually preferred Great Demons because they were easy as hell. Killing them brought no experience

It's defense and mind are weakened. Full-fledged attack.

Oh how I wish to have Kevin right about now

Damn Demons.

And he begins his attack.


I healed.

Psychowave. Oh jesus. Not this part.

Followed by Flash, which moogles me. Then black rain.

Which he casts upon himself, to heal.

Dark Force. Same thing, only more healing


Well, let's get unmoogled first

It's about this point I forgot to start taking snapshots. But it usually meant his health was pretty low.

And I got him with the final hit!

Of course, the present he leaves behind isn't the same without the ring of death to it.

A moogle badge! The most useless item ever!

And that concludes the Black Rabite quest. Let's head to the Holyland. We've got a game to finish.

Island of Oblivion, you know? Where Koren threw bombs on us.

Oh dear This doesn't look good. Looks like the World of Ruin or something.


Yeah, doesn't look too wonderful on the ground either.

T-1000 inspired enemies that shift shapes. Have you seen this little boy?


... And that's the end of this update.

Next update is the final update! We're almost there! How will this conclude?

You'll find out soon. Probably tomorrow.