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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 5

Happy New Year, goons! My work let me out an hour early, and I wasted no time. Now where were we Ah yes, Wendel.

Anyways... Jail Bait couldn't face her grandfather after she ran away, so Tits talked to him alone.

That's no way to treat your elder, Tits!

Thankfully, Faerie saves the day.

Sounds like fun, let's release 'em!

What Me, aw fuck.

Apparently, I'm King Arthur, only a lot sexier girl

I wanna be inside Tits too

Because the priest has old, wrinkly balls. Faeries want sexy girls.


But swords are so awesome.

You read me thoughts! You've got the shinning!

You won't weasel your way out of this one, whore.

Well, there was a video game named Sword of Mana, so I'm pretty sure it's important

Story time, fellas.

Can I wish Goku back, or has that been used too many times

Sounds complicated

Well, in that case...


Oh no, I can't get across! What do I do

That's easy

Faerie will help me!

Well no shit I can't fly, who do I look like, Peter Pan

WHOA! I CAN WALK ON WATERFALLS! Jesus ain't got nothin' on me.

Whelp, a little traveling through the cave, and we come to an end... But wait!

Jesus Christ! A giant enemy crab! (You PS3 haters are now officially retarded, the SNES had giant enemy crabs before it ever did )

I attacked it's weak point (the eyes) for massive (lol) damage.


A winner is me!

Sup Wisp.

Yes, let's

Another addition to my growing army!

(if you haven't noticed, I love this emoticon)

Whelp, let's get going. Better summon the Faerie to cross the waterfall. HERE WE GO!


They knocked Tits and Jail Bait off the cliff, what the fuck do you think they were doing


My bad! Sorry, citizens of Wendel. You may be dead because this Faerie forgot to seal the damn path.

Nothing, apparently

Uh oh, here comes a narrative...

It's the Mana tree!

Nice sword.

Nice job picking some skank that can't cast any magic as your hero.


Hey... this is VERY similar to the opening scene... Could it be

Well, back to the story...

Hey, Tits is awake!

Prison What did I do cop

Hey, is that...

IT'S KACEY! By the way, that video you did with Jenna Haze was really hot.

Oh, you sly devil, you


Well, here they are! The female dream team!

Where are we And where will we go Only time will tell! Be sure to tune in for my next update! School starts soon, so hopefully I can put in enough time between this, my part time job, and classes.