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Part 6

Hey guys! Welcome to another installment of me playing Seiken Densetsu 3! On our last episode, the three ladies were united and now work together to fight the forces of evil! Keep the comments coming! It helps my mood when I work on this thread

Well, it didn't take very long to realize that this is going to be a really weak party


Almost out of here!

We're out! (that was actually really short ) I guess we were in Jad the whole time!

Jail Bait just learned how to heal

Let's get the hell out of here!

You're scared of a FUCKING FAIRY?

Apparently your grampa gets around, Jail Bait

I think everyone is attracted to his

Whelp, it's time to hear Kacey's story. Bear in mind she did this before she started doing double penetration on the internet.

We can only hope

We're in Free City Maia! Yay!

O hello there, yes I remember you quite well

God, things just keep getting worse and worse

Well, we better get going, but before we do, better stop by the Inn and take a rest...

Best disable a layer to get a niiice look at the ladies in their underwear

Let's hit the road... the GOLDEN road!

Tits learned holy ball! It can hit all enemies!

Hey, we made it! I think... what's with this evil music playing?

If an army came to invade, I'm sure 2 pirates could prevent them from entering the town

Between Maia and Byzel, there was a cave, I forgot to get a snapshot of the entrance

Hey, a save point. Something big must be coming up!

This bridge looks suspicious...


Another member of the "Let's kill these 3 bitches"

Kacey is the badass of the group.


BOSS BATTLE! OH SHIT! There's TWO of them!

Let's test that Holy Ball spell, Tits.

What now?


Yeah, you fucking destroyed the bridge. Way to go.

Fine skills there, Tits.

Good question...

But the answer will have to wait! Our three heroines are stranded! How will they get to Forcena to talk to the king? It'll happen in the next episode.